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By Marvin A. Sweeney

King Josiah of Judah is a determine of notable significance for the historical past of Israel. utilizing synchronic and diachronic analyses of the Deuteronomistic background, Deuteronomy, and chosen prophetic books, Marvin Sweeney reconstructs the ideological views of King Josiah's application of non secular and nationwide recovery.

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Josiah apparently saw himself as the king or messiah of all Israel who could restore his people and enable them to achieve their full potential as the nation to which YHWH chose to reveal Torah. Nevertheless, his early death at Megiddo; the apparent demise of his program for reform and restoration; and the subsequent destruction of Judah, Jerusalem, and the Temple mark him as a failed or lost messiah. Despite his failure, however, Josiah emerges as a key figure in the composition of biblical literature and the development of Judean thinking concerning YHWH’s intentions to return Israel and the Davidic dynasty to its former glory.

Clearly, the role of the Hezekiah narrative in the DtrH and its relation to the narratives concerning Manasseh and Josiah deserve further consideration in defining the overall perspectives of the DtrH and the possibility of reconstructing a Josianic edition. These considerations demonstrate the need for an overall evaluation of the hypothesis of a Josianic edition of the DtrH. A number of factors seem to point to the likelihood of such an edition, but a number of key questions remain open. Therefore, several issues require detailed treatment.

Mason, Zephaniah, Habakkuk, Joel 60–96. 37 The downfall of Assyria predicted in the book and the predictions of a righteous Davidic monarch who will preside over a period in which a restored Israel and Judah will be reunited clearly lend themselves to Josiah’s reforms. 38 Amos culminates in oracles calling for the destruction of the Beth-El altar and the restoration of “the fallen booth of David” over Israel, and Hosea culminates in a call for Israel’s return. Whatever the original referents of these statements might have been, the present forms of both books lend themselves to support the aims of Josiah’s reforms.

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