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By Rebecca Black, Jan Simpson (Ma, Leasa Jarman

The Lactation professional Self research sequence is a entire textual content designed for college kids and pros who paintings with moms and babies. The sequence is split into 4 modules according to the abilities released via the overseas Lactation advisor organization and has good outlined sections for examine that use a number of selection pre and submit checks to aid the learner in self review of fabric comprehension and retention. The sequence will be simply tailored to a lecture room atmosphere for the advance of lactation collage classes or for carrying on with schooling workshops. The sequence will organize the pro for the certification exam to develop into a lactation advisor.

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Describe the way biogenic amines regulate releaseof posterior pituitary hormone via the magnocellular neurosecretory system. 4. Describe hormonal changes observedduring m a ~ o g e n e s i slacto , sis, and galactopoiesis. 5. Describe the way medical conditions and procedures impair the production, volume,and ejection of milk. I. Structure and Functionof the H~othalamusand Pituitary A. H~othalamus B. Pituitary gland 1. Pituitary portal circulation 2. Magnocellular neurosecretory system CHAPTER 1 BREAST, ENDOC E GLANDS, AND ORAL/~HARY~~EAL STRUCTURES 11.

Ssenf;a/sof ~e~ro~ucfjon. Reprinted with ~ermissi~n. Section B Anatomy and Function of the Hy~othaiamus and Pituitary in lactation further hormonal support. The sucking stimulus activates mechano~ceptorsin the teat, mammary parenchyma,and skin overlayingthe mammary gland through the afferent neuronal pathways. There oxytocin and its binding protein, neurophysin1, are synthesized within these specialized magnocellular neurons (see Figure1E-10). The paraventricular and supraoptic nuclei also respond to the excitatory~or bitory ne~omessengers(biogenic amines).

Reasffee~ifl~: A Guide for the Medical Profession. St. Louis: Mosby, p. 40. Reprinted with permission. Section A A n a t o ~ yand ~ ~ v ~ l ofo the ~ Breast ~ ~ n t 8. Which of the follow arteries supply the breasts? 1. Lateralthoracic 2. Superior mesenteric artery 3. Internal thoracic artery innervate the breast? 2. Supraclavicularnerves 3. Phrenicnerves 4. ~tercostalnerves 10. The lymph nodes S el~~ation. of the i ~ system. ~ e g infec~onor ma e foreign matter. nd heart rate, while i ~ i b i t i n gdigestion and condary buds occursduring the ,13.

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