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By Mark Leuchter, Jeremy M. Hutton

Priestly functionaries occupy a paramount place within the research of the Hebrew Bible. regardless of greater than a century of severe learn, questions nonetheless abound relating to social position and definitions of some of the priestly teams, the depictions in their origins, their ritual features, the position of the laity and relations faith, the connection among prophecy and the priesthood, and the relationship of texts. utilizing cross-disciplinary ways, this quantity presents a consultant examine the country of present study into a variety of elements of priesthood in historic Israel.

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45 Finkelstein’s excavations, moreover, have also intimated that just as 1 Sam 1:1–2:26 (at least as I have interpreted) suggests, Shiloh served as a regional shrine for Israel’s central hill-country residents during the Iron I era (or at least until the site’s destruction, as Finkelstein would have it, in ca. ), when Shiloh, although it was relatively small, seems to have served 43. ” 44.

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Biblical covenants with the priesthood had exactly the same idea of servitude directly to the god, while the appointment and installation into priesthood 45. A detailed explanation appears in Taggar-Cohen, Hittite Priesthood, 126. 46. , 279–311. 47. For biblical holiness, see Philip P. Jenson, Graded Holiness: A Key to the Priestly Conception of the World (JSOTSup 106; Sheffield: JSOT Press, 1992), 115–48. 48. ” See Puhvel, Hittite Etymological Dictionary, vol. 3 [Ḫ], 24–26; and Johannes Friedrich and Annelies Kammenhuber, Hethitesche Wörterbuch, vol.

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