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By John Fekete

Existence After Postmodernism is a pioneering textual content at the query of price within the postmodern scene. After a protracted hiatus within which discussions of price were eclipsed through demise of the topic in post-structuralist conception, this choice of essays recommend that we're at the threshold of a brand new price debate in modern politics, aesthetics, and society.

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P. 3. 24. , p. 41. 25. Some of the inequalities and nonsymmetries indicated here are no doubt often negotiated or adjusted under conditions of partnership, paternalism or mutual good will, and a case could certainly be made out for the desirability of more extensive negotiations and adjustments of that kind and/or for more extensive good will generally It is unclear, however, how - or, indeed, by what kinds of “strategic actions” - any more radical social engineering along these lines would be pursued, and unclear also how (since equalization does not have equal consequences for everyone) the costs and benefits would fall out.

25 The image of a type of communication that excludes all strategy, instrumentality, (self-) interest, and, above all, the profit motive, reflects what appears to be a more general recurrent impulse to dream an escape from economy, to imagine some special type, realm or mode of value that is beyond economic accounting, to create by invocation some place apart from the marketplace - a kingdom, garden or island, perhaps, or a plane of consciousness, form of social relationship, or stage of human development - where the dynamics’of economy are, or once were, or some day will be, altogether suspended, abolished or reversed.

But it must be remembered that some of us - or, indeed, all of us, some of the time - are producers and sellers too. This is a point to which I will return below. Given the general conditions and dynamics described above, professional evaluators will typically seek to secure as large as possible a group of clients. The size of that group will always be limited, however, for, given also that one man’s meat is the other’s poison, the more responsive a judgment is to the needs, resources, desires, tastes, etc.

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