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By Savage, Steele; Winer, Bart Keith

A bright and engaging account of ways humans lived from daily in old Egypt, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Iran, Crete, Greece and Rome.

summary: A vibrant and interesting account of ways humans lived from daily in historic Egypt, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Iran, Crete, Greece and Rome

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Finally, the sheets were weighted down with a heavy stone slab while they dried out. Shorter items like letters and receipts were written on individual papyrus squares, rarely much larger than 15 inches on a side. Longer texts were recorded on scrolls (or rolls) formed by attaching papyrus sheets together, end to end; a common length of a papyrus scroll was 20 © 2013 Biblical Archaeology Society 36 Life in the Ancient World: Crafts, Society and Daily Practice squares. These long scrolls would be inscribed with ink and rolled up like a carpet, with the writing on the inside.

The act of applying makeup was thought to invoke the protection of the goddess Hathor, who was often associated with sexuality and motherhood. Thus outlining the eye was not only an investment in one’s personal charms, but it was also a fashioning of one’s personal protective amulet, one that couldn’t be easily lost or misplaced. C. tomb of Nefer el Ka-Hay, in Saqqara, Egypt, about 10 miles south of Cairo. Papyrus was particularly abundant in the marshes of the Nile Delta. ” The Egyptians wove the versatile papyrus reed into mats, rope, fabric and utensils.

Leo Oppenheim (translator), “Babylonian and Assyrian Historical Texts,” in James B. , Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament, 3rd edition with Supplement (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1969), pp. 284–285. 2. Frank M. Cross, From Epic to Canon: History and Literature in Ancient Israel (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, 1998), pp. 3–21. 3. John Bright, A History of Israel, 4th edition (Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 2000), p. ; G. Ernest Wright, “The Provinces of Solomon,” in N.

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