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By Ian Young, Robert Rezetko, Martin Ehrensvärd

Since the start of serious scholarship biblical texts were dated utilizing linguistic proof. before there was no advent to and complete assessment of the sector. quantity 1 introduces the linguistic courting of biblical texts. The e-book examines the rules and method used to distinguish Archaic, Early and past due biblical Hebrew; the connection among linguistic features and linguistic chronology or historic origins; the results of dialects and diglossia on textual feedback; and the importance of extra-biblical assets. Key textual content samples and their linguistic positive factors are provided, with concrete illustrations and guidelines for discussion.

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Note the following counting guidelines: (1) nouns 2. EBH vs. LBH: Principles and Methodology Style Classical Transitional Classical Late Preexilic and Exilic Postexilic N(oun)-V(erb) Ratio 58-63% 64-67% 69-73% 71-76% 35 N(om inal) -F(inite) Ratio 11-19% 11-23% 17-22% 30-40% The NV and NF ratios indirectly express a tendency toward subordina­ tion. In other words, an increase in nouns and nominal verbs reflects a more intricate and detailed style. In his words: The evolution from early classical literature to the postexilic period, then, is characterized by a gradual increase in the incidence of nominal forms.

Polak’s periodisation of biblical sources consists of a two-part process. In the first stage of his analysis he relies on statistics to estimate the ratios in biblical pericopes or chapters of (1) nouns to verbs (NV ratio) and (2) nominal verbs to finite verbs (NF ratio). This establishes the basic framework of chronological development. 41. Our review is based on the following publications by Polak: 1989, 1992a, 1995, 1996, 1997-98, 1998, 2001a, 2002, 2003, 2006a, 2006b, 2006c. 34 Linguistic D ating o f Biblical Texts Biblical Literature in the Rhythmic- Verbal (R V) Style Characterisation: The RV style is con­ cise and unembroidered.

G. the archaeological record and residues of ancient beliefs and myths in the earliest biblical sources. 2. EBH vs. LBH: Principles and Methodology • • • • 33 Classical Style, linked to the premonarchic and early monarchical era. Date: late tenth through early eighth century BCE. Examples: the Abraham-Jacob narratives in Genesis; various parts of Exodus; the tales of Samson and some other judges in Judges; the Samuel-Saul-David narratives in Samuel; the Elijah-Elisha stories in Kings; the narrative sections of Amos and Hosea; etc.

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