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By Stacilee Ford

This research of An Autumn's story argues that Hong Kong movies are a window into figuring out the shared pasts and ongoing connections among Hong Kong and different globalized towns. considered in the course of the lens of transnational American experiences the movie sheds vital insights on either Hong Kong and U.S. historical past, tradition, and identity.

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S. - more easily than she can tell Figgy's story. Is it, perhaps , more di伍cult to craft a credible discussion of the path to achievement and assimilation for a working-class Chinese man in New York City? Perhaps the ending itself indicates a certain ambivalence about assimilation , despite the “ happily ever after" tone of the last scene. Except for the “imaginary" finale where Figgy is dressed like a Wall Street executive , we never actually see Figgy compromise his Chinese-ness. The same cannot be said for MABEL CHEUNG YUEN-TING'S AN AUTUMN'S TALE other characters in An Autumn 台 Tale.

Wh en there is still no sign of Figgy the next morning, Jenny goes for a walk to ease her mind. In a nearby park she is surprised to meet Mrs. Sherwood and An na. They want her to move to the house on Long Island with them. Jenny - who by now has given up hope that she and Figgy will be together - agrees to do so. In the meantime , Figgy returns home and sees that J enny has tidied his room and left him a birthday gift. Hoping that he now has a chance for a more permanent relationship with her, he runs to an antique dealer and trades his car for an expensive watchband he knows Jenny likes.

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