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By Jake Horsley

Eventually comes the last word publication for all these trying to be aware of extra concerning the philosophy in the back of The Matrix and its sequels. believe that this global isn't what it sort of feels, and that humanity is de facto only a nutrients resource supplementing a reign of machines. Welcome to the idea in the back of the realm of The Matrix: the motion picture phenomenon and large box-office sequence that has additionally produced a few of film's such a lot clever and considerate moments within the final ten years.
In the Matrix videos, "reality" is simply a dreamscape, a illustration that six billion issues of view comply with agree is "real." So if the single truth we all know is a crafty and tricky façade, what then does that symbolize for us? Matrix Warrior offers us the potential to appreciate this premise and its implications on our wisdom of self and position. Combining an in-depth exam of the movie with philosophical inquiry and the lessons of Castandeda, Jake Horsley has produced in Matrix Warrior a profound but witty analysis-and all readers have to get "unplugged."

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And there he shows Thomas/Neo the totality of himself. Thomas may think he is dreaming when he wakes up in another body, in another world, and another time, but before long he has no choice but to accept that the reverse is actually the case. Thomas is not the dreamer but the dream; reality is elsewhere. Morpheus and his crew sabotage Thomas's life completely. They manipulate him and trick him and corral him; finally, they ambush him and flush his whole existence down the tubes. They do this because they have no choice, because they believe him to be the One.

As Morpheus put it, if you ain't one of us, you are one of them. com (3) Third Variable You Think That's Air You're Breathing ? (9) Do You Believe in Fate ? ' — Mouse, The Matrix. The question of fate and free will is as old as philosophical thought itself. Perhaps the matrix gave us this problem to begin with so we'd spend our entire history trying to figure out what was always a foregone conclusion. Whatever we decide to believe, it is already programmed into us. As every Gatekeeper knows, the belief in free will only makes humatons that much easier to control.

And so it goes, all the way to infinity. The procedure is simple. Energy begets energy. There is a matrix that was created by a higher matrix beyond even the power of imagination to conceive. This second matrix created the matrix of the manifest universe as we know it, out of our own thoughts. It created it as a mate, for company in the vastness. Locally speaking, then, the higher matrix of infinity created Earth as a womb or matrix in which to sow a sacred seed. And humans in turn, who are creators after a lesser fashion, have indeed gone forth, as commanded, been fruitful, and multiplied, within this matrix.

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