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By Gerhard Czack, Wolf-Dietrich Fleischmann, Dieter Gras, Vera Haase, Gerhard Kirschstein

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J. Vac. Sci. Technol. M. (Diss. Univ. Vermont 1971; Diss. Abstr. Intern. B 32 [1971] 2350). F. (Fiz. Metal. Metalloved. 34 [1972] 508/17; Phys. Metals Metallog. [USSR] 34 No. 3 [1972] 57/65). L. (Fiz. Metal. Metalloved. 34 [1972]48/53; Phys. Metals Metallog. [USSR] 34 No. 1 [1972] 41/5). V. (J. Vac. Sci. Technol. 11 [1974] 675/9). [24] Reale, C. (J. Phys. F 4 [1974]2218/22; Phys. Letters A 50 [1974]53/4). , Hrubcin, L. (Slaboproudy Obz. A. 83 [1975] No. 140226). [26] Wissmann, P. (Springer Tracts Modern Phys.

20 [1985]1901/19). R. (J. Mater. Sei. 20 [1985] 4514/20). J. (J. Mater. Sei. 21 [1986]1405/12). J. (J. Mater. Sei. 21 [1986] 2643/7). , Hoffmann, H. (Phys. Rev. Letters 56 [1986] 2100/3). 2 Resistivily The resistivity Qf and the eonduetivity (jf of films are frequentLy reLated to the eorresponding buLk vaLues Qb and (jb' and in most theoretieaL equations, the ratio Q/Qb is given in terms of the thiekness d, the mean free path A. ete. This ratio remains > 1 even at d =2600 nm [37]. In the review of Angadi [48], onLy three papers [29, 34, 36] for Mo films are evaLuated, and four others [7, 8, 35, 37] are briefLy mentioned.

Diss. Univ. Illinois 1969; Diss. Abstr. B 31 [1970]872). [12] Palmy, C. A. 77 [1972] No. , Palmy, C. (Phys. Letters A 24 [1967] 340/1). G. (Fiz. Tverd. -Solid State 13 [1971] 1796/7; Dokl. Akad. -Dokl. 17 [1972] 564/5). H. (Phys. Rev. [3] B 4 [1971] 2977/84), Waleh, A. (Diss. Louisiana State Univ. 1971; Diss. Abstr. Intern. B 32 [1972] 4158). Gmelln Handbook Mo Suppl. Vol. L. (Diss. Case Western Reserve Univ. 1974; Diss. Abstr. Intern. L. (J. Appl. Phys. 45 [1974] 2579/81). 1. (Fiz. Nizk. Temp.

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