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By Uldis N. Streips, Ronald E. Yasbin

In line with its predecessor, the thoroughly revised and multiplied moment variation of Modern Microbial Genetics specializes in how micro organism and bacteriophage organize and rearrange their genetic fabric via mutation, evolution, and genetic trade to take optimum good thing about their atmosphere.

The textual content is split into 3 sections: DNA Metabolism, Genetic reaction, and Genetic trade. the 1st addresses how DNA replicates, maintenance itself, and recombines, in addition to the way it can be manipulated. the second one part is dedicated to how microorganisms have interaction with their setting, together with chapters on sporulation and rigidity surprise, and the ultimate part includes the most recent info on vintage alternate mechanisms equivalent to transformation and conjugation.

Chapters include:

  • Gene Expression and Its Regulation
  • Single-Stranded DNA Phages
  • Genetic instruments for Dissecting Motility and improvement of Myxococcus xanthus
  • Molecular Mechanism of Quorum Sensing
  • Transduction in Gram-Negative Bacteria
  • Genetic ways in micro organism without usual Genetic Systems

The editors additionally domesticate an cognizance to international regulatory platforms during the ebook, elucidating how yes genes and operons in micro organism, outlined as regulons, community and cooperate to fit the wishes of the bacterial cellphone. With transparent appreciation for the influence of molecular genomics, this thoroughly revised and up to date variation proves that Modern Microbial Genetics continues to be the benchmark textual content in its field.

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