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By Trenton Merricks

With ontology stimulated mostly by means of causal issues, this lucid and provocative paintings makes a speciality of the concept that actual gadgets are causally non-redundant. Merricks "eliminates" inanimate composite macrophysical gadgets when you consider that they would--if they existed--be at most sensible thoroughly causally redundant. He defends human life by way of arguing, from sure evidence approximately psychological causation, that we reason issues that aren't decided by means of our right components. He additionally presents perception right into a number of philosophical puzzles, whereas addressing many major matters like unfastened will, the "reduction" of a composite item to its elements, and the ways that identification over the years can "for functional reasons" be an issue of conference. an individual operating in metaphysics will take pleasure in this ebook immensely.

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Yet there are fans of contingent identity. For the sake of argument, I want to explore their options. For, surprisingly, contingent identity alone is not enough to undermine the argument. I'll explain EXPLAINING ELIMINATIVISM 25 why by making use of a version of counterpart theory according to which the counterpart relation is not sortal-relative. No one defends this kind of counterpart theory. ) But considering it is the best way to show that contingent identity alone cannot undermine the above argument.

The point is, rather, that ‘eliminating’ such an alleged object is not particularly radical. Perhaps folk ontology even favours this sort of eliminativism. Or perhaps folk ontology does not even raise, and so does not answer, the question of whether such an eliminativism is correct. But, whatever exactly we say here, I think it should be clear that the claim that there is no big chunky material object—the water—wedged into the pool is neither striking nor bizarre nor radical. The fact that eliminating ‘the water’ is intuitively somewhat plausible, even before it is argued for, should lend at least some plausibility to eliminating statues.

Similarly, this species of counterpart theory says that O (that is, O1 . . On) qua the many objects O1 . . On exists in other worlds only if counterparts of O1 . . On exist in those worlds. But O qua—for example—the single object named ‘the Eiffel Tower’, standing in Paris, and having shape S and mass M, exists in other worlds if those worlds contain the right sort of tower in (the counterpart of) Paris—even if they fail to contain counterparts of O1 . . On. Thus, the counterpart theorist could grant that O is identical with O1 .

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