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By Horst Dietrich Preuss

Preuss's thorough research of the names, descriptions, features, and titles of God present in the previous testomony makes this quantity the most effective assets to be had.

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18: 1) about the status and activity of the levites. Levites offer cultic service in the presence of YHWH, utter blessings before the people, instruct the nation in the law, and preside over the casting of lots. Likewise, Exod. 52 That some of the Old Testament enumerations of the tribes of the people of Israel contain the tribe of Levi (Gen. ; Exod. 1:2; Deut. ; Ezek. 48:31; and 1 Cbron. ) while some do not (Num. ; Joshua 13-19; and Judg. ) must not entice one into searching for what was originally a secular tribe of Levi who then perhaps may have perished (thus the so-called "theory of extinction") or may have been transformed into a priestly tribe.

10 One can only passionately weep in response to the destruction of Zion (Psalm 74; Lamentations). Zion is the city against which the assaults of the raging elements (Ps. ), the nations, and their kings shall fail or at least should fail (Pss. ll By contrast, it is also the destination of the pilgrimage of the nations (Isa. 2:2-4; Micah 4: 1-3; Isaiah 60; cf. Hag. 2:6-9; Pss. ; Jer. 3:17). Accordingly, the city of God had significance, then, not only for Israel but also for serving as the means of the revelation of God to the world, for out of Zion/Jerusalem the i11in (tara = Torah) and the i11i1' 1:::11 (debar yahweh = "word of the Lord") go forth (Isa.

32:50; a different location is given in Deut. 10:6). His death prior to the entrance into the land of Canaan was due to his (unknown, continuing) sin against YHWH, something that was the case with Moses as well (Num. 20: 12). There is not a uniform grave tradition for Aaron in the Old Testament, since two contradictory texts deal with his death and burial (Deut. 10:6; Num. 33:38; however, compare Josephus, Ant. 83). One is hard-pressed to find reliable, older texts that describe the person and function of Aaron.

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