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By Thomas B. Dozeman, Konrad Schmid, Thomas R. Mer

The identity of literary works within the Pentateuch and the previous Prophets is a trademark of the fashionable historical-critical interpretation of the Hebrew Bible. The theories of a Tetrateuch, a Hexateuch, or a Deuteronomistic historical past have performed a crucial function in recuperating the literary background of the Pentateuch and the previous Prophets. The breakdown of those methodologies in contemporary examine has compelled students to reevaluate the factors for selecting literary works within the formation of the Hebrew Bible. the current quantity explores anew, with out presupposition or exclusion, the factors in which interpreters establish literary works in those books as a source for recuperating the composition heritage of the literature. It additionally brings North American and ecu techniques to the subject right into a universal dialogue. The participants are "Christoph Berner, Erhard Blum, Suzanne Boorer, David M. Carr, Thomas B. Dozeman, Cynthia Edenburg, Michael Konkel, Christoph Levin, Thomas R mer, Konrad Schmid, and Felipe Blanco Wi mann."

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51 The origin of the Pentateuch was, according to this model, the partition of Deuteronomy from the following books. If one follows this model, the idea of an original Enneateuch should be rejected. 53 There might have been a conception of reading Genesis–Kings as an “epic story,” but not of making this story into a canonical unit, since it did not really end with Kings, but was followed by the Latter Prophets. 6.  How Do We Define Literary Introductions, Conclusions and Transitions? As we have already seen, only two books in the Pentateuch have an “absolute” beginning: Gen 1:1 and Deut 1:1–5.

Gerhard von Rad, “The Form-Critical Problem of the Hexateuch,” in idem, The Problem of the Hexateuch and Other Essays (trans. E. W. Trueman Dicken; Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd; 1966; repr. London: SCM Press, 1984), 1–78. German original: “Das formgeschichtliche Problem des Hexateuchs (1938),” in idem, Gesammelte Studien zum Alten Testament (TB 8; Munich: Kaiser, 1958), 9–86. 18. Thomas C. Römer and Marc Z. Brettler, “Deuteronomy 34 and the Case for a Persian Hexateuch,” JBL 119 (2000): 401–19. 19.

11 and 1 Kgs 12:26–32 into one story. -Chr. Schmitt also thinks that the Enneateuch came before the Pentateuch. According to him one can recover in Genesis–Kings the hand of a late Deuteronomistic redactor who combines a Tetrateuch, into which the Priestly texts have already been integrated, and the Deuteronomistic History (as formulated by Noth), in order to create a “late Deuteronomistic History” (spätdeuteronomistisches Geschichtswerk). 27 Konrad Schmid is also sympathetic to the idea of an Enneateuch, but he is more sceptical about the idea that such an Enneateuch ever existed without the Latter Prophets.

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