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By Tamar Szabo Gendler, John Hawthorne

Within the previous few years there was an explosion of philosophical curiosity in belief; after many years of overlook, it truly is now probably the most fertile parts for brand spanking new paintings. Perceptual Experience provides new paintings by way of fifteen of the world's best philosophers. All papers are written in particular for this quantity, they usually disguise a huge diversity of themes facing sensation and illustration, cognizance and information, and the connections among notion and data and among conception and motion. it will be the ebook at the philosophy of belief, a desirable source for philosophers and psychologists. members contain John Campbell, David J. Chalmers, Tim Crane, Fred Dretske, Tamar Szabo Gendler, Anil Gupta, John Hawthorne, Susan Hurley, Mark Johnston, Geoffrey Lee, Eric Lormand, M. G. F. Martin, Alva No?, Jesse J. Prinz, Sydney Shoemaker, Susanna Siegel, and Michael Tye.

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On the theory he sketches—enactive externalism—the content of perceptual experience depends on the possession and exercise of sensorimotor skill. Finally, Susan Hurley (chapter 6) advances a view that she calls ‘‘the shared circuits hypothesis,’’ which describes a unified framework for the mechanisms that enable control, imitation, and simulation. Hurley maintains that perception 72 It is also not clear how to extend the analysis to cover cases where something has an oval look but does not look to be oval, or where the look of different portions of the carpet is different but the carpet does not look to have non-uniform color.

Williamson, Timothy (1990), Identity and Discrimination (Oxford: Blackwell). Williamson, Timothy (2002), Knowledge and its Limits (Oxford: Oxford University Press) (paperback with corrections). Yolton, John (1984), Perceptual Acquaintance: From Descartes to Reid (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press). Yolton, John (1996), Perception and Reality: A History from Descartes to Kant (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press). 1 Manipulating Colour: Pounding an Almond John Campbell It seems a compelling idea that experience of colour plays some role in our having concepts of the various colours, but in trying to explain the role experience plays the first thing we have to describe is what sort of colour experience matters here.

The pure reasons-based approach might acknowledge that colour experience has a further role to play, over and above providing a reason for making a judgement about the colour of a seen object. Colour experience also plays a role in providing the subject with the conceptions of particular types of colour experience. And once we know what it is for someone to have a particular type of colour experience, we can form the conception of an object’s having a tendency to produce that type of experience.

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