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By Jean Yates

Speak along with your Spanish-speaking employees--no past wisdom of Spanish needed!

Perfect words in Spanish for Gardening and Landscaping can provide greater than 500 very important phrases and words particular to the landscaping undefined, with translations spelled out phonetically so that you can say what you must say immediately.

For example:
Cover with mulch. Cubra con mulchin. (KOO-brah kohn mool-CHEENG)

Use acid fertilizer right here. Use fertilizante ácido aquí. (OO-seh fehr-tee-lee-SAHN-teh AH-see-thoh ah-KEE)

Use a rake. Use un rastrillo. (OO-seh oon rah-STREE-yoh)

Learn the Spanish phrases and words for: changing pleasantries * interviewing capability staff * discussing pay expense and taxes * giving directions * terminating an worker * developing paintings hours * explaining security and emergency systems * praising reliable work

With ideal words in Spanish for Gardening and Landscaping, you could conquer the language barrier and strengthen a extra collaborative, effective place of work setting.

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Read or Download Perfect Phrases in Spanish for Gardening and Landscaping: 500+ Essential Words and Phrases for Communicating with Spanish-Speakers (Perfect Phrases Series) PDF

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Sample text

Hasta el lunes. (ah-stah el LOO-ness) Until three o’clock. Hasta las tres. (ah-stah lahs TRESS) How . . ¿Cómo? (KOH-moh) Like this / like that Así (ah-SEE) For how long? ¿Por cuánto tiempo? (por K’WAHN-toh T’YEM-poh) For two hours. Por dos horas. (por dohs OH-rahs) A few minutes. Unos pocos minutos. (oo-nohs poh-kohs mee-NOO-tohs) How many are there? ¿Cuántos hay? (K’WAHN-tohs EYE) There is one. Hay uno. (eye OO-noh) There are two. Hay dos. (eye DOHS) There are a lot. Hay muchos. (eye MOO-chohs) a few unos pocos (oo-nohs POH-kohs) 30 Spanish Basics How much is it?

Kohn K’YEN) with me conmigo (kohn-MEE-goh) with you con usted (kohn oo-STED) him él (el) her ella (EH-yah) them ellos (EH-yohs) Whose is it? ¿De quién es? (deh K’YEN ess) It’s mine. Es mío. (ess MEE-oh) It’s yours / his / hers / theirs. Es suyo. (ess SOO-yoh) What is it? ¿Qué es? (KEH ess) It’s this. Es esto. (ess EH-stoh) 28 Spanish Basics that eso (EH-soh) Where is it? ¿Dónde está? (DOHN-deh eh-STAH) It’s here. Está aquí. (eh-STAH ah-KEE) there ahí (ah-EE) over there allí (ah-YEE) Where are you going?

AH-seh B’WEHN T’YEM-poh) It’s hot. Hace calor. (AH-seh kah-LOR) It’s cold. Hace frío. (AH-seh FREE-oh) It’s raining. Está lloviendo. (eh-STAH yoh-B’YEN-doh) It’s snowing. Está nevando. (eh-STAH neh-BAHN-doh) It’s windy. Hace viento. (AH-seh B’YEN-toh) 14 Spanish Basics It’s sunny. Hace sol. (AH-seh SOHL) It’s cloudy. Está nublado. (eh-STAH noo-BLAH-thoh) There’s a storm. Hay una tormenta. (EYE oo-nah tor-MEN-tah) Interviewing an Employee These are the phrases for learning the most basic information about your prospective employees.

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