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By Peter Oakes

This examine explains Philippians (the apostle Paul's letter) via pondering the lives of the Philippians (the those who got the letter). it really is certain in utilizing archaeology and literary proof to construct a close photograph of the categories of individuals more likely to were in Philippi and within the Christian group there. This finished new clarification of Philippians as a letter written to name the Christians to harmony below monetary anguish, explains the letter (especially 2.6-11) within the particularly Roman atmosphere of Philippi that features a comparability of Christ with the Roman Emperor.

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412. Lukas Bormann, Philippi: Stadt und Christengemeinde ( N o v T Supp. 78; Leiden: Brill, 1995), p. 20. 3 9 4 0 4 1 zur Zeit des Paulus 20 Philippians 42 only 18 per cent arable l a n d , a very large fertile plain. Even allowing for depopulation due to economic decline and due to contributions to, and harassment by, the forces involved in the R o m a n civil w a r s , such land would still have been fairly thor­ oughly farmed. Susan Alcock's work shows that the effect of depopulation on farming would generally be to reduce the use of marginal land rather than to produce a blanket reduction in agriculture affecting all types of land fairly equally.

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