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By Wilhelm Schmidt-Biggemann

The research positive factors the 5 most vital and so much efficacious topics of Western spirituality of their historical historic origins and of their unfolding as much as early modernity: Divine names, Microkosmos-Makrokosmos, theories of production, the belief of non secular areas, and the recommendations of eschatological historical past.

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In the subjects belonging to theology the six great theologians join together: the first is Zoroaster, chief of Magi, the second Mercurius Trismegistos, the prince of Egyptian priests. Orpheus was successor to Mercurius; Aglaophamus was introduced into the sanctuaries by Orpheus. Pythagoras followed Aglaophamus in theology; Aglaophamus’ successor was Plato, who, in his works, summarised, improved and illustrated the wisdom of these men. They all veiled divine mysteries with poetical shadows, so that they should not be communicated to the profane people.

In a second step, these preconceived notions emerged into extra-mental reality. 15 Seminal causes are the concepts of things preconceived in God’s mind. They contain the ‘signature’ of things, and it is in creation that this signature can be rediscovered. In this way, things indicate their creator, their beauty reflects divine beauty, the medicinal power of herbs and plants shows God’s will for universal redemption, the putrefaction of every thing is a sign of the end of the world, and the natural instinct of every thing to pursue its own perfection indicates the attraction of the idea of the good.

The second mode was when God spoke through his Spirit in the hearts and the minds of the prophets. It was in that mode that the holy David was particularly famous, as can be seen in his Psalms in some places; and it was 30 31 32 Arndt, Johann: Iconographia. a. [1597]. pp. 12v, 13r. Ibid. pp. 13 r/v. Arndt is of the opinion that God revealed to Moses all the hidden significations of the Messiah found in the Old Testament. 24 Chapter 1: Fantasy and the Historiography of Imagination especially when he played the harp that he heard God speaking to him.

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