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Similarly, a subject is called a subject 26 PHILOSOPHY OF DREAMS Just because there is a perceived object. Neither of the two is self-existent, And, therefore, both prove themselves to be unreal. Subject and object appear In the form of cause and effect. Without a cause there is no effect, Without an effect nothing can be a cause; The conception of causation itself is illogical. The mind perceives and recognises objects Only by relating one thing to another. The whole world of perception Is a bundle of unintelligible relationships Which the mind tries to organise into cause and effects.

Hanging: If you are hung, it is good to you. You will rise in society, and become wealthy. Heaven: The remainder of your life will be spiritually happy, and your death will be peaceful. Hell: There will be bodily suffering and also mental agony. Great suffering due to enemies and death of relatives, etc. Home: To dream of home-life in early boyhood indicates good health and prosperity. Good sign of progress. Husband: Your wish will not be granted. If you fall in love with another woman’s husband, it indicates that you are growing vicious.

There upon there was a long dialogue between him and the sage. This is recorded in the well-known book, “Ashtavakra Gita,” which is highly useful for all seekers after Truth. 22. GOUDAPADACHARYA ON DREAMS Men of knowledge have declared the unreality of everything that is seen in the dream, because all these objects of the dream are located within the body and exist in a confined space. , are seen in the dream only inside the body. Therefore, they cannot be real. And on account of the shortness of the time, it is impossible for the dreamer to go out of the body and perceive the objects of dream.

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