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By F. Conti

This publication examines intensive the idea, instrumental innova­ tions, strength functions and obstacles of the several recommendations -- NMR, EPR, DSC, spectrofluorimetry, and electron microscopy -- which are being used to enquire the functionality and constitution of organic membranes and their version structures. seasoned­ viding an summary of the current prestige of analysis, this publication provides facts of the complementary nature of data generated by means of diversified thoughts, reminding one of many necessity to create a standard language and point of view of membranes. F. Conti W. E. Blumberg J. De Gier F. Pocchiari v CONTENTS actual tools on organic membranes and their version procedure: A standpoint . • • • • • . • • • • • • . • 1 F. Conti, J. de Gier and W. E. Blumberg excessive answer NMR spectroQcopy in drinks and solids • • five T. Axenrod easy ideas of deuterium and phosphorus-31-magnetic resonance 27 J. Seelig Use of electron spin resonance to review complicated organic membranes . . •••. •••••••••. •. • 39 H. M. Swartz Freeze-etching electron microscopy: fresh advancements and program to the research of organic membranes and their parts. • • . • • . • • • • . • • •• fifty five T. Gu1ik-Krzywicki the character of intramembraneous debris • • • • • • • •. seventy three A. J. Verk1eij Lateral and polymorphic section transitions relating to the barrier functionality of a lipid membrane. • • • . • eighty one J. de Gier, C. J. A. van Echte1d, J. A.

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R. C. H. A. Scheraga, Rotational jumps ~f the tyrosine side chain in crystalline enkephalin. H-NMR line shapes for aromatic ring motion in solids, J. Amer. Chern. Soc. 103:7707 (1981) . J. P. Klein, P chemical shielding tensors of phosphorylethanolamine, lecithin, and related compounds: Application to head group motion in membranes, Biochemistry 15:967 (1976). [14] W. Niederberger and J. Seelig, Phosphorus-31 chemical shift anisotropy in unsonicated phospholipid bilayers, J. Amer. Chern. Soc. 98:3704 (1976).

Soc, 102, 3249 (1980). J. G. Hexern, M. H. Frey and S. J. Opella, J. Amer. Chern. , 103, 224 (1980). C. J. Groornbridge, R. K. Harris, K. J. Packer, B. J. Say and S. F. S. Chern. , 174 (1980). R. A. Haberkorn, R. E. Stark, H. van Willigen and R. G. Griffen, J. Amer. Chern. , 103, 2534 (1981). D. L. ~ Earl and A. N. Garroway, J. Mag. , ~, 361 (1981). 25 BASIC PRINCIPLES OF DEUTERIUM AND PHOSPHORUS-31-MAGNETIC RESONANCE Joachim Seelig Biocenter of the University of Basel 4056 Basel Switzerland ANISOTROPIC MOTIONS IN MEMBRANES Membranes are ordered fluids and because of this have a number of properties in common with liquid crystals.

This unique axis + of the fluid bilayer is also called the director n. For the sake of the argument let us represent the phospholipids constituting the bilayer by rigid rods. If we follow the movements of an individual rod over a long enough period of time the most probable orientation of the molecule will be parallel to the director axis. However, due to thermal energy the molecules will continuously execute angular excursions around this preferred orientation and an instantaneous picture may look as is illustrated in figure 1.

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