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By James W. Watts

This ebook addresses the literary, old and methodological concerns that have been raised by way of the looks of psalms in narrative contexts of the Hebrew Bible. The narrative function of every psalm is explored to figure out the explanations for its current place. The research of every psalm's narrative function ends up in a second look of the facts for its secondary prestige within the prose context. the result of each one separate research are in comparison to see what higher literary, ancient and methodological styles emerge.

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40-42, 54. Poethig disagreed, arguing that 'her praying in 1 Sam. 13 when Eli thought she was drunk suggests she may have exhibited some kind of trance or "possession" behavior. Hannah belongs in the 2. Hannah's Song 31 psalm in her mouth thus expands her characterization considerably. The readers are no doubt meant to conclude from the combination of poem and narrative that Hannah's wisdom and insight are a direct result of her piety. Ancient versions and traditions of the Song of Hannah pick up and expand the characterizations implied in the psalm.

I will first analyze the psalm's narrative role in its present context before taking up the synchronic and diachronic arguments surrounding the Song of the Sea. Narrative Role The narrative role of the psalm is evaluated in terms of its contribution to the ongoing plot, its verbal and thematic links with the context, and its effect on the characterization of the speakers. Plot Relations The Song of the Sea is near the climax of both the immediate and extended prose accounts which precede it. The proximate account begins with Yahweh's decision to lead the children of Israel by a southern route which would take them to the fpo U1 'Sea of Reeds' (Exod.

Thus Tournay dated Hannah's Psalm to the Second Temple period with additions from Maccabean times ('Lecantique d'Anne', pp. 568-69). 1 Sam. 1-10 lacks many of the morphological features that have come to be associated with early poetry. The debate therefore centers on the psalm's lexical stock, which seems typical of standard Hebrew poetry of the late pre-exilic, exilic, and postexilic periods. The results then are inconclusive, but nothing precludes the psalm being older than the narrative which contains it.

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