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By James H Waltner

Believers Church Bible remark The effect of Psalms is large, either by way of the worship of God's humans and within the religious event of numerous participants. James H. Waltner goals to assist readers locate their means via Psalms, stumble upon God, and be led into obedience and compliment.

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3). However, so also speaks human life, insignificant in comparison to God’s immense universe. Yet God remembers human beings to care for them (v. 4)! What are human beings might well be followed by an exclamation point, for the query about the worth of human beings expresses the wonder that God remembers and visits the frail, insignificant human race! Note that the words often translated man (’enôš and ben-’¯ad¯am) are not restricted to the male sex but refer to both man and woman. The psalmist’s wonder at the worth of persons continues.

Weary not in the ways of the Lord; have your delight therein day and night” (549, 468, 1053). Invitation to Dialogue If the way of the wicked will perish, then why do the wicked sometimes appear to thrive (Ps 73:3-12)? If the righteous are to prosper in all they do, what of those who experience life differently? Famine, ethnic cleansing, the destruction of war and terrorist activity do not distinguish between the just and the unjust. Psalm 1 provides an introduction to the entire Psalter. Many of the psalms that follow seem to enter into dialogue with it, questioning and searching for meaning in the midst of life’s wide range of experiences, including the dark night of the soul (Davidson, 1998:13-14).

Do people sometimes experience insomnia because they cannot let go, cannot give up control? Put your trust in the LORD need not be a glib statement. Can we not entrust the issues of tomorrow to the keeping of the Lord? So Jesus invites: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life” (Matt 6:25-34). Psalm 4 offers this simple prayer for use each evening: I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety. (v. 8 NIV) Psalm 5 Morning Prayer to the God of Righteousness PREVIEW The setting is the time for morning prayer, the time for sacrifice in the temple service.

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