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By James Glimm

Describes fifteen years' paintings which has resulted in the construc- tion of suggestions to non-linear relativistic neighborhood box e- quations in 2 and three space-time dimensions. provides evidence of the life theorem in 2 dimensions and describes many homes of the recommendations.

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The leading effects for elementary particle physics and the language in which the fundamental force laws of nuclear physics are formulated. REFERENCES [Baym, 1969], [Kato, 1966], [Jauch and Rohrlich, 1976]. 1 Introduction Statistical mechanics is the bridge between molecular science and continuum mechanics. The input to statistical mechanics is a force law between particles. The particles can be atoms in a crystal, molecules in a gas or liquid, electrons in a plasma, amino acid units in a protein, elementary constituents in a complex polymer, etc.

This theory was extended to arbitrary N in [Hepp, 1969a], [Sigal, 1978], and [Hagedorn, 1980]. The problem of asymptotic completeness has been considered by a number of authors, for various classes of potentials, but for the Coulomb potential the mathematical theory is still incomplete. Nonetheless, the spectrum of H N can be described on the basis of formal analysis, perturbation calculations, and experimental evidence. The bound states of an N - 1 electron atom can be described approximately, leading to an explanation of the periodic table of chemical elements, as well as the absorption and emission of spectral lines.

2). Then i-I IK<),,) I ~ pi-l11VII~~leiPB ~ IAI. I Remark. 1), follows for Izl PROOF. ~ (ePB+IPIIVIILltl. 3) complete the proof. The prototype for this inequality is J 1 o ds ve'v :::; eV. 14) is bounded by L ~ J1ds 0 1 '" J1dSi0 1 1(1'/, (Ii-I) exp(i-I) ,=LSi-I'" S, . 15) successively in the iterated integral completes the proof. REFERENCES [Friedman, 1962], [Huang, 1963], [Uhlenbeck and Ford, 1963], [Ruelle, 1969], [Lanford, 1973], [Thompson, 1980]. 1 Wiener Measure We have presented the equations of quantum mechanics in Chapter 1.

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