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By James Nogalski

In thse interdependent volumes, James Nogalski proposes a enormous and intricate software for learning the e-book of the Twelve. within the approach, this revision of his 1991 Th.D. dissertation on the college of Zurich (directed via ordinary Hannes Steck) issues in stimulating instructions for investigating the expansion of the prophetic canon and inner-biblical exegesis, intertextuality, or Schriftprophetie.
In impression, Nogalski is trying to place the learn of the Twelve at the related methodological aircraft because the research of the other prophetic "scroll." instead of assuming that this assortment arose because of later writings being “tacked on” to past ones, Nogalski asks basically a similar questions of the ebook of the Twelve which have been raised lately in regards to the booklet of Isaiah: what's the nature, beginning, and goal of “the cohesion” of this “book”? because the identify to the second one quantity shows, Nogalski's concentration is on uncovering the method of redactional job wherein the Twelve grew to become one.

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In 2 Chr 20:12, the people confess their own lack of knowledge together with their dependence upon YHWH. In the space available, it is not possible to evaluate thoroughly the relationship between these two passages. The matter becomes extremely complicated because of the uncertain state of research on the date of the accounts in Chronicles. See further discussion of the problems of dating below, page 54. For a summary of the problems of the identification of the third group, see Raymond, B. Dillard, 2 Chronicles, Word Biblical Commentary 15 (Waco, Texas: Word Publishing Company, 1987), 155f.

However, even this irony is consistent with Hos 2:8-17. " YHWH further elaborates on the abuses of her past (2:10), followed by the pronouncement of judgment in 55 Contra Wolff, BK 14/2,34, who disagrees with Bit, but provides no evidence. g. Jer 7:34). Milos Bit, Das Buch Joel. Berlin: Evangelische Verlagsanstalt, 1960, 22f. BiC strongly disagrees that n b i n a in 1:8 could in anyway refer to a young woman who is betrothed yel not "officially" married. He maintains that n b i r n means virgin and that b j J 3 may mean "lord" or "husband" but not bridegroom.

It is certainly not unknown elsewhere in the Old Testament, but its use in the Book of 62 63 64 65 66 For a listing of others, see discussion below on Joel 4:1-21 and its relationship to Amos. See also Bosshard's discussion of the relationship of Joel, Obadiah and Zephaniah (Bosshard, BN 40 1987): 37f); Schneider, The Unity of the Book of the Twelve, 88f; and Bergler, Joel als Schriftinterpret, 21-31. For a fuller treatment of this connection see the appropriate chapters below. Nah 3:17 stems from an early form of the book, while the destruction of Assyria by locusts plays off Joel.

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