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By James W. Heisig

Following the 1st quantity of "Remembering the Kanji", the current paintings takes up the pronunciation of characters and offers scholars with important instruments for memorizing them. in the back of the infamous inconsistencies within the manner the japanese language has come to pronounce the characters it acquired from China lie numerous coherent styles. picking those styles and arranging them in logical order can lessen dramatically the volume of time spent within the brute memorization of sounds unrelated to written forms.Many of the "primitive elements," or construction blocks, utilized in the drawing of the characters additionally serve to point the "Chinese reading" that individual kanji use, mainly in compound phrases. by means of studying one of many kanji that makes use of any such "signal primitive," you may research the whole staff even as. during this method, "Remembering the Kanji 2" lays out the types of phonetic styles and gives valuable tricks for studying readings, which would differently look thoroughly random, in a good and rational method. A parallel approach of announcing the kanji, their "Japanese readings," makes use of local eastern phrases assigned to specific chinese language characters. even if those are extra simply realized due to the organization of the desiring to a unmarried be aware, Heisig creates one of those phonetic alphabet of single-syllable phrases, every one attached to an easy jap be aware, and indicates how they are often mixed to assist memorize relatively complex vocabulary.Unlike quantity 1, which proceeds step by step in a sequence of classes, quantity 2 is geared up in corresponding to means that you could research person chapters or use it as a reference for pronunciation difficulties as they come up. person frames cross-reference the kanji to trade readings and to the body in quantity 1 within which the that means and writing of the kanji was once first brought.

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115 成功 攻 116 専攻 長江 紅 118 2193 せいこう success 紅茶 863 330 コウ 江 117 コウ せんこう field of specialization コウ (28) ちょうこう long river コウ 2200 こうちゃ (black) tea 139 1355 28 | remembering the kanji 2 項 119 項目 貢 120 貢献 巧 121 技巧 司会者 歌詞 飼育 伺候 service; contribution ぎこう しかいしゃ かし しいく しこう 嗣子 しし technique; skill 1863 chairperson; emcee 1865 song lyrics 1866 breeding (of livestock) 1864 attendance; waiting upon 1867 heir; successor 1271 カン 教官 きょうかん 81 1241 シ 官 127 こうけん シ 嗣 126 2094 シ 伺 125 コウ シ 飼 124 item; clause シ 詞 123 こうもく コウ 司 122 82 コウ teacher; professor | 29 pure groups 管 128 管理 棺 129 1273 カン かんり administration; management 1272 カン 棺車 館 かんしゃ hearse 1478 カン 130 館長 かんちょう 倹 膩 ケン 131 倹約 けんやく economizing ケン 2155 しけん test; examination 験 132 試験 険 133 冒険 検査 adventure 1673 けんさ inspection 1671 ケン 剣道 麻 136 ぼうけん けんどう Japanese “way of the sword” 593 マ 麻薬 まやく 1980 1672 ケン 剣 135 1674 ケン 検 134 superintendent of a building narcotics 30 | remembering the kanji 2 摩 137 摩天楼 磨 138 研磨 魔女 士官 出仕 志 142 寸志 雑誌 2022 まじょ witch 319 しかん commissioned officer シ 2202 しゅっし attendance (at work) すんし ざっし 申請 精神 960 600 small token (of gratitude) 601 magazine 1117 シン 神 145 grinding; polishing シ 申 144 けんま シ 誌 143 594 シ 仕 141 skyscraper マ 士 140 まてんろう マ 魔 139 639 マ しんせい application; petition シン 1110 せいしん mind; psyche 1119 pure groups 伸 146 1118 シン 伸張 紳 しんちょう elongation; extension 1361 シン 147 紳士 しんし 組 且 ソ 148 組織 そしき | 31 gentleman 1776 organization The signal primitive must appear on the right, alone.

375 1854 ジュン 循環 じゅんかん cycle; rotation pure groups 述 與 ジュツ 376 叙述 じょじゅつ 術 377 皆 378 皆無 階級 ぎじゅつ technology 449 かいむ nothing at all 1309 かいきゅう social class 250 カイ 仲介 界 381 1525 カイ 介 380 description カイ 階 379 1524 ジュツ 技術 ちゅうかい mediation; intermediation 251 カイ 世界 せかい | 57 world The two kanji featured in the following two frames are unique in that each allows a common second reading. Learn the next four frames as a unit.

167 判定 畔 168 湖畔 伴 ハン 1178 はんてい judgment ハン 1181 こはん lakeside; along a lake ハン 1179 company; companion 169 同伴 どうはん 講 冓 コウ 170 講義 こうぎ 構 171 購 172 きこう こうにゅう 1203 lecture 1818 organization; structure 1817 コウ 購入 1204 1816 コウ 機構 1205 purchase; buying 34 | remembering the kanji 2 溝 173 排水溝 曹 174 法曹界 水槽 ほうそうかい すいそう 遭遇 そうぐう 回漕 かいそう 輸 臼 ユ 178 輸出 ゆしゅつ 愉 1176 water tank 1174 encounter 1175 sea carriage; marine transport 289 exports 628 ユ 愉楽 諭 ゆらく pleasure; joy 352 ユ 教諭 癒 181 legal circles; judicial world ソウ 177 180 1173 ソウ 漕 179 waterway; drainage ditch ソウ 遭 176 はいすいこう ソウ 槽 175 1819 コウ きょうゆ instructor 2037 ユ 癒着 ゆちゃく conglutination; healing up pure groups | 35 The above group of kanji with their on readings represents by far the easiest treated in this book.

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