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By Bengt Kristensson Uggla

Ricoeur, Hermeneutics and Globalization explores the philosophical assets supplied via Paul Ricoeur’s hermeneutics in facing the demanding situations of a global framed via globalization. Bengt Kristensson Uggla’s reflections commence from an realizing of globalization as an ‘age of hermeneutics’, linking the seldom comparable not easy of globalization with hermeneutics via Ricoeur’s idea of interpretation. The publication proceeds to embody lifelong studying because the rising new existence script of the globalized wisdom economic climate, the post-national ‘memory wars’ generated via the social gathering of nationwide anniversaries, and the necessity for orientation in a post-modern international order. the writer argues that Ricoeur’s hermeneutics offer highbrow assets of impressive significance in dealing with probably the most very important demanding situations within the modern world.

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In this situation, the human sciences perceived themselves compelled to develop a scientific method of comparable legitimacy as the ideal models of positivism: mathematics and physics. In order to establish an alternative to the positivistic argumentation for a methodological continuity among all scientific disciplines, according to the ideal of unified science, Dilthey declared the existence of two distinct kinds of science—natural science and human science—consistent with the dichotomy between two separated ontological domains: nature (Natur) and history (Geist).

Because the universal claims behind Gadamer’s determination of the hermeneutical experience only seem to have aggravated the conflict with scientific work, Ricoeur found it more appropriate to understand the meaning of the title as Truth or Method rather than Truth and Method. 13 Even if Gadamer’s hermeneutical project can be interpreted as an attempt to “urbanize the Heideggerian province” (Habermas)— and even if his conceptions of tradition, authority, and prejudice 40 Ricoeur, Hermeneutics, and Globalization may implicate a kind of critical consciousness, in reality he did define hermeneutics in opposition to Enlightenment, scientific methodology, critical thinking, and the techno-scientific complex in our society associated with globalization.

Hermeneutics of Understanding One of the significant contributions from hermeneutics to contemporary philosophy is undoubtedly connected to the growing awareness of the value of historical understanding. Today, we may acknowledge that every effort to unfold an understanding or explanation has to consider the implications of the context. However, modern hermeneutics itself has also, to a large extent, developed in terms of an explicit discussion about history, including all the aspects associated with this multilayered concept.

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