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By Gordon Roberts

Robert Recorde used to be a tremendous sixteenth-century Welsh healthcare professional and mathematician and probably the most enigmatic figures of Tudor England. This e-book provides a richly distinctive and completely rounded photograph of Recorde as a tutorial, theologian, astronomer, antiquarian, inventor of the “equals” signal (=), and author of everyday textbooks. He used to be additionally a student who chanced on himself thoroughly out of intensity in surrounding political and non secular dramas. Drawing from quite a few extracts from Recorde’s personal writings transcribed into glossy English, Gordon Roberts deals the 1st full-length biography of an highbrow on the middle of intrigue and turmoil.

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Scholar: Therefore sir, I beseech you, teach me the working of it. Master: So I judge it best, but because that great sums cannot be multiplied, but by the multiplication of digits, therefore I think best to show you first the art of multiplying them, as when I say, 8 times 8, or 8 times 9, etc. And as for the small digits under 5, it were but folly to teach any rule, seeing they are so easy that every child can do it. But for the multiplication of the greater digits thus shall you do. First set your digits one over the other right, then look how many each of them lacketh of 10, and write that against each of them, and that is called the differences.

3 As a fellow, Recorde would have been pleased to receive an annual livery of cloth, free quarters and commons (an Oxford term for allowances and meals shared in common), and battels (another Oxford term meaning an account with the college for extra kitchen and buttery expenses, clothing and books). All Souls was founded to produce learned clerics to serve Church and State, and also to be a chantry where the fellows would pray for the souls of the deceased. The fellows were accordingly under a double obligation, to take holy orders and to engage in higher studies, either for a doctorate of theology or in the two laws, canon and civil.

The lessons begin proper with the scholar being shown how to set his numbers down in an orderly fashion, with units on the right, tens next left, then hundreds, then thousands, and so on. This may seem elementary, something which infants are taught in primary school today, but it is important to realise that the Grounde is not a textbook for children. For adults who had never before encountered calculations done with a pen on paper, rather than on an abacus or counting board, if at all, it was absolutely essential to begin with the simplest premises and Recorde well understood this.

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