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DW12 and NP309 a fluorinated derivative as by Meggers et al. [191]. Sadler and co-workers have pioneered work on ruthenium-arene complexes for similar applications. Cytotoxicities obtained for a series of complexes with the generic formula [(η6arene)Ru(en)(Cl)]+ indicated that the cytotoxic behavior increased with as a function of the size of the coordinated arene (benzene < p-cymene < biphenyl < dihydroanthracene < tetrahydroanthracene), such that in wild and cisplatin resistant A2780 human ovarian cancer cells, the biphenyl complex showed similar toxicity to carboplatin and the tetrahydroanthracene complex showed similar toxicity to cisplatin.

Chem. 2008, 47, 11278. Copyright 2008 American Chemical Society [260]. Figure 36. Phase-contrast microscope images of cells irradiated with a 60 W tungsten lamp for 30 min and then incubated for a 1 h period. Skin fibroblast cells without complex 10 (A) and with complex 10 at 5 and 10 μM concentrations (B, C) and melanoma cells under the same conditions without complex 10 (D) and with complex 10 at 5 and 10 μM concentrations (E, F). Solving Some of the World's Problems with Ruthenium Complexes … 43 Further studies are being conducted to discern the mechanism of DNA photocleavage of these mixed-metal multi-nuclear porphyrins.

2011, 133, 15862. Copyright 2011 American Chemical Society [133]. Figure 11. Structures of complexes and cartoon representation on their corresponding AuNPs systems as by Elmes et al. Reprint with permission from Elmes, R. B. ; Orange, K. ; Cloonan, S. ; Williams, D. ; Gunnlaugsson, T. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011, 133, 15862. Copyright 2011 American Chemical Society [133]. Figure 12. Live cell confocal laser scanning microscopic images of AuNP-1 (∼16 nM gold concentration) with HeLa cells: (A) the bright field image; (B) emission arising from 600 to 700 nm; (C) overlay of the luminescence from AuNP-1 (red), nuclear co-stain DAPI (blue), and the bright field image; (D) TEM image of AuNP-1 following incubation with HeLa cells.

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