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By Bernard Feltz, Marc Crommelinck, Philippe Goujon

Self-organization constitutes the most vital theoretical debates in modern existence sciences. the current booklet explores the relevance of the idea that of self-organization and its effect on such medical fields as: immunology, neurosciences, ecology and theories of evolution. ancient facets of the difficulty also are broached. Intuitions relative to self-organization are available within the works of such key western philosophical figures as Aristotle, Leibniz and Kant. Interacting with newer authors and cybernetics, self-organization represents a concept in line with the fashionable world's discovery of radical complexity. the subjects of teleology and emergence are analyzed through philosophers of sciences just about the problems of modelization and clinical clarification. the results of self-organization for all times sciences are right here approached from an interdisciplinary perspective, revealing the proposal as already profitable and whole of promise for the long run.

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The gliders are small patterns that look like small insects crawling on the screen, until they encounter another pattern and interact with it. What results from the collision of gliders can be extremely variable. When the Game of Life spread into the scientific community, more complex structures were rapidly discovered, most notably the ‘glider gun’, a cyclic pattern that emits a glider every 30 time steps and can be constructed 32 VINCENT BAUCHAU by the interaction of 13 gliders. By carefully positioning glider guns (and some other simple patterns), it is possible to create continuous flow of gliders that interact in any arbitrary way, more or less like pulses of electricity would interact in wires.

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Although LIFE is a universe with a very simple and perfectly known physics, we have not yet explore all the higher level possibilities. (And this is not because of imperfect knowledge about the state of the system, as in chaotic system, because the system can be perfectly known). There are still many questions about LIFE that we cannot answer. ) but we still cannot explain many phenomena ranging from diseases, development or the mind. After all, Conway was probably quite right with the name he gave to his CA.

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