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By Ma Jianfei

Temporary Spoken chinese language is the set of textbook for temporary extensive education courses for foreigners. It contains five degrees of research. the brink volumes are for the newcomers which come with simple phrases and sentence styles for verbal exchange in way of life

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Sample text

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L' Ё A " "E^tr+" is an intеrrogаtivе prоnoun. sоpinion. M*,- f,ftЕ A * 1 E # r aф f f i i Е Ь - Ё f r i п 6 Ё Еi Ц n1"т"+. sulljесt-рrеdiсatе'' рrеdiсаtе is сallеd a sеntеnсе with a рrеdiсatе. suЬjесt - prеdiсate,' е. g. 1,ё€ } #7iR t. *"я+{trkцt. 2 . 4Ф,+E^k*h. 3 . A,B * ^ *, l[Effi# rxБ # я. H H. *|,'and ,,{\Ё|:Jя'ffIpf+" havе sinrilar nrе;rning,Ьut thе {оrmегеxtrlrеssi

Fr'' denоtingроssеssionfunсtiоnsаs thе mаin elеmеntof thе рrеdiсate. ]i',). ,f;',' nеgаtivr: '{ g. е. *\,fll +efr&' в + Ё" 2' *"ikfrfl Гe" 3. Й? Ef, . ". AЕififтAtяж>l & Dо substitution drillsaссordingto eасh piсture ж A: Й 0 E-Й ф,tл,-,ч? A: B: а. i*в#jЁяi. ф frацLАL"%? + E' & iA+ Й м frtlЁIл'. ллE. уtЙ' Е fЕif,JГйJ lnquirе еaсh othеr aЬout hеalth, studing, living' etс. whеn {riеnds mееt. E ;tн TEтAiЕlJi"]fiЕYэа'н1ffiiЁ-t^*-trшЁ Desсribе a реrson оr а plaсе by usingsomе of the fо|lowingadvеrbsand adjeсtives 1Fф, t* &"""#r иL*fr.

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