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By Jonathan Y. Rowe

Rowe examines David and Jonathan's friendship within the context
of what historical readers may have understood because the ‘natural' loyalty to their
families. Rowe makes a speciality of the conflicting ethical items among which the men
choose, trying to comprehend the dynamics of the narrative consonant with
ancient society.


Rowe discusses theoretical problems with interpretation and
summarises how Bakhtin's thought of heteroglossic voices may be utilised to
understand the narrative. He deliberates over the main facets of relatives existence in
the global defined by means of the outdated testomony, surveys methods to the learn of
the kinfolk between anthropologists and, ultimately, states how anthropology can
inform the translation of the biblical textual content. ranging from the idea that of
‘hegemonic masculinity', Rowe examines how males mostly are presented
positively, after which exhibits how Jonathan, David and Saul degree as much as these
standards. Rowe concludes that even supposing Jonathan used to be disloyal to his family,
something that implied readers might have censured, the books of Samuel present
this disloyalty as honourable, therefore creating a theological element approximately fidelity
to the home of David.

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