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By Julianne Dueber

ISBN-13: 978-0-7641-1985-9

Barron's overseas Language Vocabulary sequence reference publications provides hundreds of thousands of phrases and expressions with their English translations. phrases are divided in accordance with sensible topic topics that come with numbers, trip occasions, methods of greeting, and lots of different different types. phrases are then indexed alphabetically inside of each one class. overseas language scholars, foreign guests, and basic readers of international language books and periodicals will locate fast, easy-to-locate tips in those books. greater than 5,000 phrases and expressions during this English-Spanish guide contain an up to date and enlarged checklist of phrases facing communications, electronics, and expertise.

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GENERAL EXPRESSIONS OF TIME afternoon • in the afternoon • this afternoon • tomorrow afternoon dawn day • all day evening • in the evening • this evening • tomorrow evening midnight • at midnight tarde ( f ) por la tarde esta tarde mañana por la tarde amanecer (m) día (m) todo el día tarde ( f ) noche ( f ) por la tarde esta tarde mañana por la tarde medianoche ( f ) a la medianoche morning • in the morning • this morning • tomorrow morning night • at night • last night • tomorrow night mañana por la mañana esta mañana mañana por la mañana noche ( f ) de noche anoche mañana por la noche • tonight noon • at noon sunrise sunset time • time (hour) esta noche mediodía (m) al mediodía salida del sol puesta del sol tiempo hora 9tahr-deh pohr lah 9tahr-deh 9ehs-tah 9tahr-deh mah-9nyah-nah pohr lah 9tahr-deh ah-mah-neh-9sehr 9dee-ah 9toh-doh ehl 9dee-ah 9tahr-deh 9noh-cheh pohr lah 9tahr-deh9ehs-tah 9tahr-deh mah-9nyah-nah pohr lah 9tahr-deh meh-dee·ah-9noh-cheh ah lah meh-dee·ah9noh-cheh mah-9nyah-nah pohr lah mah-9nyah-nah 9ehs-tah mah-9nyah-nah mah-9nyah-nah pohr lah mah-9nyah-nah 9noh-cheh deh 9noh-cheh ah-9noh-cheh mah-9nyah-nah pohr lah 9noh-cheh 9ehs-tah 9noh-cheh meh-dee·oh-9dee-ah ahl meh-dee·oh-9dee-ah sah-9lee-dah dehl sohl 9poo·ehs-tah dehl sohl tee·9ehm-poh 9oh-rah 7-1985_SOV_Ch1 8/17/02 11:22 AM Page 20 4b TELLING TIME • time (once, twice) today tomorrow • day after tomorrow tonight yesterday • day before yesterday • yesterday morning 20 vez ( f ) behs hoy (adv) mañana pasado mañana oy mah-9nyah-nah pah-9sah-doh mah9nyah-nah 9ehs-tah 9noh-cheh ah-9yehr ahn-teh-ah-9yehr esta noche ayer anteayer ayer por la mañana ah-9yehr pohr lah mah9nyah-nah ¿Qué hora es?

SEASONS season • spring • summer • fall • winter equinox moon solstice sun FOCUS: The Seasons primavera invierno equinoccio de primavera solsticio de verano sol solsticio de invierno equinoccio de otoño otoño verano luna 7-1985_SOV_Ch1 8/17/02 11:22 AM Page 27 27 IMPORTANT DATES 5f d. THE ZODIAC For the planets see Section 13. horoscope zodiac signs of the zodiac • • • • • • • • • • • • Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces horóscopo zodíaco signos del zodíaco Aries Tauro Géminis Cáncer Leo Virgo Libra Escorpión Sagitario Capricornio Acuario Piscis oh-9rohs-koh-poh soh-9dee-ah-koh 9seeg-nohs dehl soh9dee-ah-koh 9ah-ree·ehs 9tow-roh 9heh-mee-nees 9kahn-sehr 9leh-oh 9veer-goh 9lee-brah ehs-kohr-pee-9ohn sah-hee-9tah-ree·oh kah-pree-9kohr-nee·oh ah-9kwah-ree·oh 9pees-sees e.

DESCRIBING COLORS bright dark dull light lively opaque pure transparent vibrant vivo (adj ) oscuro (adj ) apagado (adj ) claro (adj ) vivo (adj ) opaco (adj ) puro (adj ) transparente (adj ) vibrante (adj ) 9bee-boh ohs-9koo-roh ah-pah-9gah-doh 9klah-roh 9bee-boh oh-9pah-koh 9poo-roh trahns-pah-9rehn-teh bee-9brahn-teh c. ADDITIONAL VOCABULARY: COLORS color • color • colored • coloring • food coloring color (m) colorear (v) coloreado ( pp) coloración ( f ) colorante alimentario (m) crayon • coloring book creyón (m) libro para colorear painter • paint • paint • canvas pen • felt pen tint (hair dye) • tint pintor(a) pintar (v) pintura ( f ) lienzo pluma rotulador (m) tinte (m) teñir (v*) koh-9lohr koh-loh-reh-9ahr koh-loh-reh-9ah-doh koh-loh-rah-see·9ohn koh-loh-9rahn-teh ah-lee-mehn-9tahree·oh kreh-9yohn 9lee-broh 9pah-rah kohloh-reh-9ahr peen-9tohr (rah) peen-9tahr peen-9too-rah lee·9ehn-soh 9ploo-mah roh-too-lah-9dohr 9teen-teh teh-9nyeer 8.

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