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By Mike Butterworth

This artificial research has fundamental projects. the 1st is to clarify the constitution of the publication of Zechariah. yet so one can do that, a passable approach to research needs to be discovered. hence the writer starts off through drawing up appropriate literary standards that may aid to border a competent method of continuing. the tactic is then verified at the booklet of Zechariah, and the consequences are in comparison with these of alternative biblical scholarship. even though this can be a research in 'rhetorical feedback' it methods the textual content from the perspective of the authors' and redactors' intentions. the result's a resounding and wide-ranging research of a few of the and intricate structural styles of Zechariah.

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11-45. 2. ), Rhetorical Criticism, pp. 18-32. 3. Le mystere du nom (Lectio Divina, 35; Paris: Cerf, 1962), pp. 54-56. 4. 'Literary Structure', pp. 46-47. 5. (Forschung zur Bibel, 9; Wurzburg, 1973), pp. 104-106. 1. Investigating Structure 49 the correspondence of 'Abraham, Isaac and Jacob' where the actual names are repeated, and claim correspondence where different terminology is chosen. Auffret comments that 'the inclusion of the whole by the phrase "I am Yahweh" (vv. 2, 8) is obvious' and that 'since the same phrase can also be seen in direct speech in v.

Thus we have quite a subtle whole: 1. More accurately 'words' since we have two homographs: 'go down' TT, and 'rule' rm. 2. ) your utterance s and it will be like a ghost q from the earth r your voice q and from the dust r your utterance s? 1 In general we may make the following observations. 1. It would be quite easy for a writer to produce the abcb pattern by accident, for it is only necessary to meet the following conditions: a. e. four nouns, four verbs, four identical suffixes etc. Even these do not seem to be enforced too strictly.

50. 2. In his commentary he treats Jer. 4 together. 3. Architecture, pp. 55-56. 1. Investigating Structure 47 scepticism, and that scholars are too ready to assume that an intended structure is there, and that our only task is to find it. So far the results of this examination of specific studies have not been too encouraging. The last example chosen, however, does give some ground for hope that investigations into the literary structure of a passage may proceed on surer foundations. 4. 2-8 according to Auffret and Magonet1 There are various examples of scholarly interaction that could have been chosen.

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