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By Liming Zhao

The topic of this publication is to bare the formation means of move constitution centering on vegetable wholesale industry in western towns of China. the knowledge are often from the interview and survey on farmers, vegetable wholesalers and shops and operators of vegetable wholesale markets. The findings of the learn exhibit that the big vegetable creation bases in japanese economically constructed areas position tension on neighborhood vegetable move via wholesale markets, which ends up in the switch in flow channel in vegetable wholesale markets in western towns, particularly, the circulate channel targeting neighborhood vegetable has been shifted to non-local greens. The readers gets notion from the publication that flow channels have boasted a importance to the small vegetable bases surrounding the towns.

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00 0% 2000 2005 2010 Primary wholesale area Secondary wholesale area Open-air (including passage) Proportion of open-air (including passage) Proportion of primary wholesale area Fig. 3 Change of vegetable transaction site in Dongwayao Marketplace. Source Interviews and surveys of operators in Dongwayao Marketplace (Nov. 2011). e. 53,000 m2 in 2000) 1150–1700 in 2000 to 700–900 in 2010 due to the difficulty to obtain a fixed stall in Dongwayao Marketplace, which led to a sharp decrease of local vegetable transactions; in other words, there was a drop from 152,000 tons in 2000 to 52,000 tons in 2010.

4 According to interviews and surveys on primary wholesalers, there are at least several agents in each village, and each agent serves several primary wholesalers. 5 According to interviews and surveys on primary wholesalers, when farmers directly transport vegetables to wholesale markets for sales, they have to load, sell, and unload based on the cost of the large quantity of labor and time as well as transportation expenses. Therefore, the farmers will choose a garden sales channel with a comparatively lower price.

1 shows the proportion of vegetable transactions of different retailers in Dongwayao Marketplace. The large retailers in the figure refer to retailers registered with the Administration of Industry and Commerce in the form of a company; meanwhile, small retailers refer to retailers registered in the form of an individual. 1 shows that small retail shops take up the largest proportion, namely, 90 % of annual vegetable transactions in Dongwayao Marketplace, followed by large retail shops that account for 5 %, and a market fair that accounts for 3 %.

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