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By Scott Onstott

Taking degree finds styles emergent in our universe from quantum to astronomic scales. Spatial and temporal codes look in unforeseen areas, from our devices of degree to the relationships among celestial our bodies. Geometric and numeric encoding looks in structure, in city layout, and in alignments around the Earth. Does this ensue by way of natural twist of fate, has it been performed to maintain wisdom, or is it an old kind of magic that keeps to this present day? Are the synchronicities we event in our own lives manifestations of those similar styles? This booklet takes a brand new examine accepted buildings within the tangible international but additionally engages with the invisible global, together with the query of recognition.

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So the implication is that the initiate was being given access to secret mysteries through the goddess Seshet. The Pyramid Texts are composed of what Egyptologists call “spells” or “utterances” carved on walls and sarcophagi of pharaohs during the Old Kingdom and are the oldest known religious texts in the world. In contrast to these earliest texts, the Coffin Texts were written just after the Old Kingdom by ordinary Egyptians who could afford a coffin. ” Metrology is truly one of the keys to the mysteries.

This chapter aims to show why the choice of base ten is anything but arbitrary because the decimal system literally underlies the structure of physical reality. Many people assume we use base ten because we have ten digits on our hands (counting fingers and thumbs as equal digits). However this assumption is flawed. Follow the assumption to its logical conclusion: with ten digits we should be using base eleven. Remember the base has to be one numeral higher than the full complement of digits because we must also account for the placeholder zero.

The Eastern cornerstone of the Kaaba contains fragments of the Black Stone, venerated at the site long before Muhammad was born. Muslim tradition holds that the black stone fell from heaven to show Adam and Eve where to build an altar. 1 miles north of the exact golden latitude. It is interesting that the Kaaba itself is a black cube. There is a resonance between the symbol of the black cube and Saturn. A cube viewed at an angle appears as a hexagon. As it happens there is a persisting hexagonal wave pattern around the north pole of Saturn.

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