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By Dean R Ulrich

Within the Antiochene hindrance and Jubilee Theology in Daniel’s Seventy Sevens, Dean R. Ulrich explores the joint curiosity of Daniel 9:24-27 within the Antiochene problem of the second one century B.C.E. and the jubilee theology conveyed by way of the prophecy’s constitution. This learn is important simply because past scholarship, notwithstanding spotting the jubilee constitution of the seventy sevens, has no longer sufficiently made the relationship among jubilee and the six targets of Daniel 9:24. past scholarship additionally has no longer safely comparable the book’s curiosity in Antiochus IV to the desire of jubilee, which contains the entire inheritance that God has promised to his humans yet they'd misplaced due to their compromises with Antiochus IV.

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First, Daniel 8:27 says that Daniel did not understand the vision of the ram and goat. If Daniel’s prayer in chapter 9 responds to the vision in chapter 8, then Daniel would hardly make a confession about something that eluded his comprehension. He would ask instead for clarification. Second, the prayer 25 26 27 28 Collins, Daniel, 347–348, 359–360. , 360; Davies, Daniel, 60–61; Lucas, Daniel, 232; Tim Meadowcroft and Nate Irwin, The Book of Daniel (Asia Bible Commentary Series; Singapore: Asia Theological Association, 2004) 175.

So then, Daniel and God’s people for whom he prays do not get seventy sevens of more judgment. 50 51 Cf. T. : InterVarsity, 2009) 63. Venter, “Daniel 9,” 34. 36 chapter 2 Rather, they get Jeremiah’s promise of forgiveness of sins and much more, including God’s remembrance of his covenants with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses (Lev 26:42, 45). As the response to Daniel’s prayer, the prophecy of seventy sevens may contain good news of mercy for God’s people, but it also shares the interest of Exodus and Ezekiel in Yahweh’s report among the rulers and peoples of the world.

W. Curtis and Thomas Römer; betl 128; Leuven: Leuven University Press, 1997) 93; Diana V. Edelman, The Origins of the “Second” Temple: Persian Imperial Policy and the Rebuilding of Jerusalem (London: Equinox, 2005) 93; Fishbane, Biblical Interpretation, 480; J. Maxwell Miller and John H. ; Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 2006) 464. , reading Jeremiah) but with what followed it. Collins questions the placement of Daniel’s prayer of confession before Gabriel’s announcement of the seventy sevens.

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