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By Theo van Holten

The current publication takes the invention that quantum-like behaviour isn't completely reserved to atomic debris one step additional. If electrons are modelled as vibrating droplets rather than the often assumed aspect items, and if the classical legislation of nature are utilized, then the exact same behaviour as in quantum conception is located, quantitatively right! the area of atoms is unusual and quantum mechanics, the idea of this international, is nearly magic. Or is it? Tiny droplets of oil bouncing around on a fluid floor may also mimic the realm of quantum mechanics. For the layman - for whom the most a part of this booklet is written - this is often excellent news. If the standard legislation of nature can conspire to teach up quantum-like phenomena, there's desire to shape psychological photos how the atomic global works.
The e-book is nearly formula-free, and explains every little thing by utilizing many sketches and diagrams. The mathematical derivations underlying the most textual content are saved separate in a -peer reviewed - appendix. the writer, a retired professor of Flight Mechanics and Propulsion on the Delft college of know-how, selected to put up his findings during this combined renowned and medical shape, simply because he stumbled on that laymen extra usually than expert physicists suppose the necessity to shape visualisations of quantum phenomena.

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Now, having set up the equations for a deformable cloud, I could inspect whether there are extra terms, next to the terms belonging to sinusoidal motion. And, due to the fact that my cloud could deform in its overall shape, there indeed were such terms. Next questions about these “perturbation terms” were: How large are the perturbations? Are the perturbations dependent on scale? What is the character of the expected deviations from pure sinusoidal motion? etc. Then the next step: downscaling. If it is assumed that there is less and less charge in the cloud which accordingly is made smaller and smaller, one can try to determine at which point the extra perturbations in the equations of motion would become so large that they are no longer insignificant, but begin to dominate the character of the motion.

It would seem as if the law of conservation of energy indeed is not always observed by these tiny particles. And it is not only this one law that does not apply. This is the kind of set-up that will be dealt with in this book, instead of the three-dimensional atom. However, from Chap. 2 where a more detailed description of the quantum behaviour of such an oscillator is given, you will see that essentially all the atomic mysteries mentioned earlier are present in the one-dimensional oscillator. 22 1 Introduction and Outline me me posi on Sinusoidal movement of a marble rolling inside a bowl posi on The marble (electron within poten al well) at atomic scale Fig.

An example is given below in Fig. 9, which will now be explained. First, it should be mentioned that the physicist Max Born had found that these mysterious “matter waves” do have some relation with more understandable properties of particles. There is a relation between the field of matter waves and “the chance to find the particle at a certain place”. If the matter waves are more intense in certain places within an atom, the probability to find there an electron is larger than in places where the matter waves are weak.

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