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By Mark Daniel Carroll R., David J. A. Clines, Philip R. Davies

This selection of essays written by way of biblical students from around the globe makes an attempt to probe the connection among the Bible and the realm. It displays sleek social, political and hermeneutical concerns, together with liberation matters. those issues echo John Rogerson's dedication to narrate his learn and the Bible to modern concerns - a dedication seen either in his courses and in his spiritual and political actions. This e-book is an expression of appreciation of John Rogerson via former and present colleagues, former scholars, and different biblical scholars.

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2. So the Muratorian Canon, line 34: Acta autem omnium apostolorum. BARRETT The First Christian Moral Legislation 59 lying are to be avoided. This does not go very far. There is however one famous verse that sets out a code of behaviour, part ceremonial, part ethical. 29. 25, where James reminds (or informs) Paul of the Decree. This Decree is (according to Acts 15) the conclusion of the debate in which the terms on which Gentiles may be admitted to the saved people of God are discussed. This 'Apostolic Council' is rightly described as the centre of Acts.

Chapters 16-28 describe the further advance of the Christian mission. The account of the Council itself is superficially straightforward, though it also provokes a number of difficult questions, few of which need be considered here. The dispute arises in Antioch, where visitors from Judaea tell Gentile converts, 'Unless you are circumcised in accordance with Mosaic custom you cannot be saved'. Paul, Barnabas and others are sent to Jerusalem to discuss the matter with the apostles and elders. In the assembly Peter speaks, recalling the conversion of Cornelius (Acts 10); he asserts that salvation is by faith only and that 3.

Strabo, writing at the beginning of the first century, still uses the older Greek name for Puteoli, Dicaearchia: cf. 7). 60. P. ), The Book of Acts in its GraecoRoman Setting, pp. 291-362 (292, 300-302). 2). But neither of the novelists refers to Greece in this way: they prefer in more classical fashion to talk of 'Attica', 'Lacedaemonia', and 'the Peloponnese' (much as the inhabitants of the political territory known to the world as 'Great Britain' tend to refer to their homeland as 'England', 'Wales' or 'Scotland').

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