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By Anna Bonshek, Corrina Bonshek, Lee Fergusson

Whereas debate keeps within the fields of the sciences and arts as to the character of recognition and the positioning of cognizance within the mind or as a box phenomenon, within the Vedic culture, awareness has been understood and is still articulated as an unlimited box of intelligence on the foundation of all different types of lifestyles. This countless box of intelligence is offered to human wisdom, being the very nature of the brain and the structuring dynamics of the physiology-from the DNA, to the phone, tissues, organs, and to the full physique and its refined functioning. This two-part quantity, the large Fish: cognizance as constitution, physique and area, considers partially One the Vedic method of realization, in particular referencing Maharishi Vedic technological know-how, and discusses topics pertinent to the humanities, together with notion and cognition, reminiscence as know-how, historical past and tradition, creative functionality and social accountability, observatory tools as areas and constructions to reinforce cognizance, and, past metaphor, architectural websites as multi-layered enclosures of the mind certain within the Shrimad Devi Bhagavatam and, as cosmic habitat or Vastu aligned to the celestial our bodies. proposing a few extra common consciousness-based readings, half contains essays through quite a few authors on Agnes Martin and her perspectives on artwork, perfection and the "Classic", unified box established schooling and freedom of expression as opposed to censorship in artwork, prints from the Renaissance to the modern period as allegories of recognition, the paintings of Australian artist Michael Kane Taylor as past a latest /postmodern dichotomy, the photographic sequence the sea of good looks through Mark Paul Petrick referencing the Vedic textual content the Saundarya-Lahari, a Deleuzian research of the dual-screen multi-arts paintings Reverie I, and an account of the making of Reverie II, a single-screen video projection encouraged by way of the belief of dynamics of knowledge. This booklet, accordingly, provides a extensive variety of pursuits and analyzing whereas supplying a distinct, but profoundly transformative point of view on cognizance

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53-54. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, in Bonshek, 2001a, p. 354. Preamble—What is Consciousness? 14 their relationship. Consequently, there are three values or shades of consciousness within one field of consciousness. This three-in-one structure of knower, known and process of knowing, within consciousness, Maharishi describes as the structure of pure knowledge. The subject or knower (Rishi), the object or known (Chhandas) and their relationship, the process of knowing (Devata), are values of consciousness within one wholeness (Samhita).

However, in Brahman Consciousness self-referral awareness is seen to be the reality of everything. Self-referral consciousness is by definition fully awake. It’s only that the individual has to rise to experience and realize this reality. In speaking of being fully awake, we are speaking of a human subject. The human nervous system is that nervous system that has the potential to rise to and experience higher states of consciousness. Another important point raised by Searle with respect to any research and understanding of consciousness, is that subjectivity is inherent within consciousness.

Because it is awareness, it must be conscious of something, but there is only consciousness at this level, all by itself. Thus, by virtue of being aware, consciousness knows itself and creates a division within its undivided status. The one unbroken, infinite field of pure consciousness called Kaivalya (singularity) or Atma, by virtue of being pure awareness, differentiates values within itself. 24 Thus, consciousness, being awake, knows itself as subject, object and 23 24 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1994, pp.

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