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By Carol A Newsom

From the easy and gorgeous language of the prose story, to the verbal fireworks of the discussion among activity and his buddies, to the haunting great thing about the poem on knowledge and the elegant poetics of the divine speeches, this e-book offers an severe come across with the classy assets of Hebrew verbal paintings. during this incredible new examine, Carol Newsom illuminates the relation among the cultured types of the ebook and the claims made by means of its a variety of characters. Her cutting edge technique makes attainable a brand new figuring out of the cohesion of the publication of task; she rejects the dismantling of the e-book through old feedback and the knocking down of the textual content that characterizes convinced ultimate shape readings.

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19 This neohumanist approach has its limits. It deals rather well with the text as a form of moral imagination, but it does so precisely by privileging the cognitive dimension. This is not to say that emotions and aesthetic judgments are given short shrift—far from it. But the entire experience of reading is a means to the end of a rational choice about the type of person one wishes to be, the type of values one wishes to hold, and the nature of the good. ” In this approach something gets left out of what it means to read, and something gets left out of what ethics encompasses.

In both cases the speaker’s own accents as well as those of the other posited speaker are present and actively engaged in dialogic relationship. But the words of another sometimes appear in one’s own speech in a nondialogical way. ” The authoritative word demands that we acknowledge it, that we make it our own; it binds us, quite independent of any power it might have to persuade us internally; we encounter it with its authority already fused to it. . It is not a free appropriation and assimilation of the word itself that authoritative discourse seeks to elicit from us; rather, it demands our unconditional allegiance.

They are repeatable by others and just as true (or untrue) when spoken by them. ” The second feature of monologic truth is that it seeks unity and thus tends to gravitate toward a system. These may be larger or smaller systems, but in general monologic statements are congenial to being ordered in a systemic way. The third and most important feature of the monologic sense of truth is that in principle it can be comprehended by a single consciousness. No matter how much complexity exists in a proposition or system, a person of sufficient intellectual ability can think it and utter it.

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