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By Joel S. Kaminsky

The subject of the election of Israel is among the such a lot arguable and hard matters within the whole Bible. sleek readers ask yourself why God would prefer one particular humans and why Israel particularly used to be selected. the most very important and theologically incisive voices in this subject has been that of Jon D. Levenson. His cautious, wide-ranging scholarship at the Hebrew Bible and its theological reuse in later Judaic and Christian resources has inspired a iteration of Jewish and Christian thinkers.

This targeted quantity seeks to convey to a large viewers the continued wealthy theological discussion at the election of Israel. Writing from various disciplines and views, the authors—Jews, Catholics, and Protestants—contribute thought-provoking essays spanning fields together with the Hebrew Bible, apocryphal and pseudepigraphic literature, New testomony, rabbinics, the historical past of Christian exegesis, and smooth theology. The ensuing ebook not just engages the lifelong paintings of Jon D. Levenson but in addition sheds new gentle on an issue of significant import to Judaism and Christianity and to the continuing discussion among those religion traditions.

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Their observance of it becomes a sign that they are God’s people, imitating his manner of acting by the way they structure their week. In the course of time, Israelite thinkers reflected further on the meaning of Sabbath observance. Exod 20:8–11 applies it to the need of all ­animals—beasts and humans alike—to have a day of rest. No work is to be done on that day; it is set apart from profane use; it is holy. Deut 5:12–15 develops God’s work and rest in a slightly different direction: observing the Sabbath means cessation of work for all humans and their animals, with a particular concern for slaves that was based on the fact that Israel was once enslaved.

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