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Nice content material, very illuminating. in contrast to the opposite 3, one-star, reviewers, i've got a certified Taiwanese reprint, and the binding is excellent! might be you could ranking a duplicate from anyone dwelling there.

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They include precious objects of jade or bronze; vessels of bronze, lacquer, or pottery; instruments and symbolic objects used for religious purposes; talismans that would ensure a happy life hereafter; or musical instruments. In increasingly great volume, documents are being found, written either on the simple everyday stationery of wooden and bamboo strips, or as editions de luxe on rolls of silk. Some of these texts were designed to help the deceased person in the life of the world to come; some may be related to the particular occupation that had been his on earth, be it that of scholar, official, legal specialist, or physician.

I (BMFEA, 26 (1954], 9-81); Burton Watson, Ssu-ma Ch'ien: Grand Historian of China (New York, 1958); A. F. P. Hulsewe, "Notes on the historiography of the Han period," in Historians of China and Japan, ed. W. G. Beasley and E. G. Pulleyblank (London, 1961), pp. 3 1 - 4 3 ; Rafe de Crespigny, The records of the Three Kingdoms (Canberra, 1970); Donald D. Leslie, Colin Mackerras and Wang Gungwu, Essays on the sources for Chinese history (Canberra, 1973); and Chen Chi-yun, Hsiin Yiieh (A. D. 148-209): The life and reflections of an early medieval Confucian (Cambridge, 1975), pp.

Of these emperors, the following were of age at the time of their accession: Kao-ti, Wen-ti, Ching-ti, and Yiian-ti. The only ones to accede "regularly," as sons succeeding their fathers, were Hui-ti, Ching-ti, Wu-ti, Yuan-ci, and Ch'eng-ti. D. D. 9. "infant emperors during the period of domination by the empress Lii. C. C. Kuang-wu-ti 5 August 25 Liu Yang 28 Ming-ti 29 March 57 LiuTa 57 Chang-ti 5 September 75 Liu Chao 79 Ho-ti 9 April 88 Liu Lung 105 Shang-ti 13 February 106 An-ti 23 September 106 Liu Yu 94 [unknown] Shao-ti 18 May 125 Liu Pao "•5 Shun-ti 16 December 125 Liu Ping •43 Ch'ung-ti 20 September 144 Liu Tsuan 138 Chih-ti 6 March 1 4 ; Liu Chih 132 Huan-ti 1 August 146 Liu Hung 156 Ling-ti 17 February 168 Liu Pien 173 or 176 Shao-ti 15 May 189 Liu Hsieh 181 Hsien-ti 28 September 189 Liu I Notes: Only three emperors (Kuang-wu-ti, Ming-ti, and Chang-ti) were aged 18 or more at the time of their accession.

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