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By Elizabeth Riely

The vital advisor to over 5,000 culinary terms

Even the main foreign chef occasionally wishes aid with modern-day wildly various cooking terminology. Now, there is an up to date and revised variation of Elizabeth Riely's The Chef's significant other, which specialist cooks and aspiring chefs in all places can flip to after they desire easy accessibility to concise and trustworthy definitions, pronunciations, right spelling, authorized utilization, and origins of culinary phrases. This helpful advisor covers all of the phrases that cooks could use with clients and kitchen staff-in parts corresponding to cooking options, nutrition education, herbs and spices, types of nutrients, wine, and kit for the pro kitchen. Over 900 new phrases were extra to this version to supply increased insurance of components similar to wine, pastry, and ethnic cuisines. The Chef's significant other: no kitchen is whole with no it.

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Bel Paese [bel pah-AY-say] beluga See CAVIAR. A liqueur made since 1510 by the monks of that order in Fécamp, Normandy, based on COGNAC and flavored with many herbs and plants; B & B is a drier combination of Bénédictine and brandy. Bénédictine Sesame seeds, brought from Africa with the slave trade and used especially in the African-American cooking of South Carolina, often to symbolize happiness. benne seeds [BEN-nee] A black lacquered box with compartments used to serve meals, especially lunch, in Japan; it is the Japanese version of the lunch box commonly sold to commuters at railroad stations.

Bisque can also mean an ice cream with crushed macaroons or nuts. bisque Steak first pounded thin, marinated, and fried in oil, then topped with chopped fried onions and parsley; very popular in Cuba. bistec de palomilla [bees-TEK day pal- -MEE-yah] See BASTILLA. bisteeya Originally a small informal French restaurant, often family owned; now a popular casual French restaurant, specializing in dishes such as steak frites. Bistros became popular in Paris during World War II; the name’s derivation from the shouts of Russian soldiers demanding quick service is apocryphal.

Broccoli 41 A-C 2/19/03 10:05 AM Page 42 broccoli rabe A new member of the broccoli family, actually a trademarked cross between broccoli and Chinese kale; the long sideshoot stalks with small flowerheads are sweet, slightly pungent, and crunchy; though expensive, there is no waste or trimming for the cook. Broccolini A cousin of broccoli cultivated for its branches and leaves as well as flowerets and especially for its bitter, assertive flavor; it is best eaten not raw, but sautéed, braised, or steamed and served with strongly flavored foods, especially Mediterranean.

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