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By R N Whybray

Who compiled the various fabric within the booklet of Proverbs, and why? Is there any value within the order within which it's been prepared? those and related questions on the e-book have frequently been mentioned long ago, yet no agreed conclusions reached. during this learn the query of the aim in the back of the composition of the publication is raised anew. Whybray first discusses each one component of Proverbs individually after which enquires into the importance, if any, of the form of the booklet as a complete in its ultimate shape. one of the leader positive factors of this research are an research of redactional layers in chapters 1-9, the comparability of other thoughts of knowledge within the e-book, the query of a theological improvement during the redactional procedure and an research of the prospect that the various brief proverbs in chapters 10-29 could have been consciously prepared in significant groups.

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1-6 and then appended to it, but there is no evidence that this was the case. One of the chief features of the preceding chapters is their predilection for contrasts, especially their constant portrayal of the 'two ways' leading respectively to life and death, between which a choice must be made, and it is natural that the final chapter of this section of the book should also use this pedagogic device. 1b) by a reference to the destructive activity of 'folly'. Verses 7-12, which separate the two vignettes of Wisdom and Folly, have been treated very differently by scholars.

In v. 13 is echoed by 21. Frau Weisheit: Deutung einer biblischen Gestalt (Diisseldorf: Patmos, 1975), pp. 18ff. and passim. 22. Unless he means no more than that the author of the poem uses the language of the schoolroom and applies it to Wisdom (but he seems to mean more than this), he may mean that the whole poem, including the introductory vv. 20-21, is a school lesson spoken by the human teacher, in which he quotes Wisdom's speech; but he does not make this clear. 23. Einfiihrung in die alttestamentliche Weisheit (Biblische Studien, 55; Neukirchen-Vluyn: Neukirchener Verlag, 1969), p.

6 are not a resumption of the series but are a new set attached to v. 5. Whether v. 6 is understood as a continuation of v. 4 or of v. 5, it presents the advantages of the acquisition of wisdom in a way that is 42. Renfroe, The Effect of Redaction', p. 293. 43. Spriiche Salomos, pp. 9-10. 1. Proverbs 1-9 55 unique in the prologue, listing different types of wisdom literature. It stands apart somewhat from the preceding verses, which are very general in their commendation of wisdom. It is possible that v.

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