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By Henry Oldenburg, A.Rupert Hall, Marie Boas Hall

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Then it gradually decreased until about the begin­ ning of November it could no longer be perceived with the naked eye. 1662. 30 o’clock the star at G was again seen as equal in magnitude to the same nearby star C. After that a con­ tinuously cloudy sky concealed it from observation until 2 October, when it could hardly be made out. For it had already diminished. 1663. It did not appear by 30 August. From this time the sky being partly cloudy and partly dominated by the brilliance of a waxing moon was not suitable for observation.

I am, Yours 8cc John Wallis For Mr Henry Oldenburg in the Palmal near StJames’s, London Postmark IV 25 TRANSLATION Famous Sir, When I indicated the year 1658 in my recent letter1 to the famous Huygens about our countryman Neile first o f all others rectifying a curve, I added, if my recollection be good, beingfarfrom mypapers. Which I see was not rashly added. For being returned home ,2 1 find that this was done in the year 1637, a whole year earlier than I had indicated, and hence two years earlier than the year 1659 when it was discovered 41 by Heuraet.

Rupert Hall, ‘Wren’s Problem’ , Notes and Records of the Royal Society, XX, 1965, 140-44. Huygens o f course read Wallis’s Tractatus duo (see Letter 2241a, note 1) as soon as it was sent to him late in 1659, and so was familiar with Wallis’s claims for Wren. For the probable date o f Heuraet’s work, see Letter 2241a, note 3. 5 The second part o f Wallis’s Tractatus duo (see Letter 2241a, note 1) was written in the form o f a letter to Huygens. 6 For George Croke (d. 1680) see Letter 2339, note.

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