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By Zecharia Sitchin

Many millions of years in the past, a bunch of extraterrestrials from one other planet guided the evolution of existence on Earth—determining the life and nature of humankind as we all know it at the present time. How did the grasp developers from the celebs build the miracle known as guy? Is the DNA that's on the center of all existence within the universe a "cosmic code" that hyperlinks Earth to heaven and guy to God? during this 6th quantity of The Earth Chronicles, Zecharia Sitchin unveils writings from the prior to decipher prophesies, and divulges how the DNA-matched Hebrew alphabet and the numerical values of its letters function a code that bares the secrets and techniques of mortal man’s destiny and mankind’s celestial future.

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The governors of each of the settlements established by the Anunnaki were named, as were all ten ante-Diluvial rulers in the Edin. The female offspring born as a result of Enki's shenanigans were identified, as were their assigned husbands. g. Ninkashi, in charge of beer making). Contrary to the total absence of a genealogy for Yahweh, the biblical God, the Anunnaki "gods" were fully cognizant of genealogies and the changing generations. There existed 46 THE COSMIC CODE as part of the secret knowledge kept in temples God Lists, in which the Anunnaki "gods" were listed in genealogical/ generational succession.

Doubting the promise, Abram pointed out that he and his wife Sarai had no children. So God told Abram not to worry. " he told him, "and count the stars if you can... " But Sarai remained barren even after that. So, at her suggestion Abram slept with her handmaiden Hagar, who did bear him a son, Ishmael. And then, miraculously—after the upheaval of Sodom and Gomorrah, when the couple's names were changed to Abraham and Sarah— Abraham, then aged one hundred, had a son by his wife Sarah, aged ninety.

No sooner did Laban hear the news than he, too, came running, hugging and kissing his nephew, inviting him to stay 30 THE COSMIC CODE with him and meet his other daughter, the older Leah. Marriage was clearly in the father's mind; but Jacob fell in love with Rachel, and offered to work for Laban seven years in lieu of a dowry. But on the night of the wedding, after the banquet, Laban substituted Leah for Rachel in the bridal bed... When Jacob discovered the bride's identity in the morning, Laban was nonplussed.

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