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By Michael C. Legaspi

The demise of Scripture and the increase of bible study examines the construction of the tutorial Bible. starting with the fragmentation of biblical interpretation within the centuries after the Reformation, Michael Legaspi indicates how the weakening of scriptural authority within the Western church buildings altered the function of biblical interpretation. concentrating on popular German pupil Johann David Michaelis (1717-1791), Legaspi explores the ways that critics reconceived the position of the Bible. This e-book bargains a brand new account of the origins of bible study, illuminating the relation of the Bible to churchly readers, theological interpreters, educational critics, and other people in among. It explains why, in an age of spiritual resurgence, smooth biblical feedback may possibly not be able to function the Bible's disciplinary gatekeeper.

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A meditation on Winckelmann's life, the essay identifies the ancient Greeks with the unification of human capacities and the successful integration of the individual into a "great, beautiful, dignified, and worthy whole" encompassing nature and culture. If anyone in Germany embodied Hellenic wholeness, added Goethe. 4 In describing Winckelmann this way. Goethe claimed him as a neopagan hero and forebear courageous enough to set aside the Christian past and tread a new path through Greek antiquity.

They are important here, though. as two sides of a frame that allow us to see the distinctiveness of Georgia Augusta's via media between Pietism and philhellenism, its middle path between Halle in the early part of the century and Weimar-Jena in the latter part. This path was opened at Gatlingen 55 by classical scholars Johann Matthias Gesner (1691-1761) and Christian Gottlob Heyne (1729-1812). Though Gesner and Heyne stood between these two movements chron'ologically and. in a certain sense, ideologically, Gottingen at midcentury was not merely a way station on the road from seventeenth-century pedantry to nineteenth-century Wissenschaft.

Maria remarried, and Johann Matthias's stepfather, Johann Zuckerman tel, fortunately proved supportive. The young Gesner was accepted at the Gymnasium in Ansbach and, with the aid of benefactors and public funds, completed his studies there in 1710. At Ansbach, the talents of the precocious Gesner were noticed by Rektor Georg Nikolaus Kohler, who took a liking to the young student and kindled his interest in languages. y Gesner had to reconstruct intelligible texts from fragments. ,,29 Gesner matriculated at Jena in 1710 as a theology student, completing work in metaphysics, ancient languages, and classical literature.

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