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By Mark A. O'Brien

Revision of author's doctoral thesis submitted to the Melbourne collage of Divinity in 1987.

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However the difference between judges and kings is marked here by the use of the noun pair, justice (miSpat, cf. 1 Sam 10:25) and righteousness (sSdSqi). These do not occur in the judges' material. For his part, Solomon was given wisdom in order to govern (Spt) Yahweh's people (1 Kgs 3:9). T h i s is evident in the recent study by Gerald Eddie Gerbrandt, Kingship According to the Deuteronomistic History (SBLDS 87; Atlanta: Scholars, 1986). Gerbrandt recognizes that DTR was not opposed to monarchy (p.

Moreover its location as an introduction indicates that it was not intended to function as DTR's final comment on Israel's history under the judges. If it were, then one would have expected it to be located, like Josh 24:29-31, at the conclusion of the section on judges. The second consideration is the repeated rescue of Israel by del­ iverers whom Yahweh raised up, a feature brought out strongly in both the introduction and the cycle of stories. Given the direction of the history to this point the repeated intervention by Yahweh pointed to some definitive resolution of the troubled period.

Samuel assembles the people ll:15aa b. Enthronement of Saul by all the people ll:15aßb c. Celebration HI. ISRAEL UNDER THE PROPHETS A N D KINGS 1 Sam 13:1-2 Kgs 23:23* A. Story of realization of the ideal state 1 Sam 13:1-1 Kgs 10:29* 1 Sam 13:1-15:35 1. Prophetic rejection of Saul 2. Establishment of the ideal state 1 Sam 16:1-1 Kgs 10:29* 1 Sam 16:1-2 Sam 5:25 a. Establishment of David as king 1 Sam 16:1-13 1) Prophetic designation 1 Sam 16:14-2 Sam 5:5 2) Story of David's rise to kingship 2 Sam 5:6-25 3) Account of David's success as king 6:1-8:18 b.

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