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This vintage publication, first released in 1991, used to be one of many first to suggest the "embodied cognition" technique in cognitive technology. It pioneered the connections among phenomenology and technology and among Buddhist practices and technology -- claims that experience for the reason that turn into hugely influential. via this cross-fertilization of disparate fields of research, The Embodied Mind brought a brand new kind of cognitive technology known as "enaction," during which either the surroundings and primary individual event are features of embodiment. besides the fact that, enactive embodiment isn't the greedy of an autonomous, outdoor international via a mind, a brain, or a self; relatively it's the bringing forth of an interdependent global in and during embodied motion. even supposing enacted cognition lacks an absolute beginning, the booklet indicates how that doesn't result in both experiential or philosophical nihilism. particularly, the book's arguments have been powered by way of the conviction that the sciences of brain needs to surround lived human event and the chances for transformation inherent in human adventure.

This revised variation comprises significant introductions by way of Evan Thompson and Eleanor Rosch that make clear critical arguments of the paintings and talk about and assessment next learn that has improved at the issues of the ebook, together with the renewed theoretical and useful curiosity in Buddhism and mindfulness. A preface by way of Jon Kabat-Zinn, the originator of the mindfulness-based pressure relief software, contextualizes the booklet and describes its impression on his lifestyles and work.

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