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By Erik J. Olsson (ed.)

This publication is an intensive, self-contained, up to date learn of Lehrer's epistemological paintings. overlaying all significant facets, it includes unique contributions by means of the most exotic experts within the box, outgoing from the most recent, considerably revised model of Lehrer's concept. All simple rules are defined in an introductory bankruptcy. Lehrer's vast replies in a last bankruptcy supply precise entry to his present epistemological considering.

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3. Gettier problems show that true reliable acceptance is not sufficient for knowledge. However, coherence requires further conditions, and these work so as to solve Gettier problems. In the next section I will consider Lehrer's first argument rather briefly. I will then tum to the opacity objection in a more extended way. Here my argument will be this: Depending on how we interpret Lehrer's conditions for coherence, we must say either a) that Mr. Truetemp satisfies those conditions and therefore knows, or b) that in ordinary cases of perception, people do not satisfy those conditions and therefore do not know.

Goodsumer, who sums reliably but not in the particular case. He is not trustworthy in the way he sums in this case. Trustworthiness must be connected with truth in order for personal justification to convert to knowledge in the particular case. (224) What is the nature ofthe required connection? What does it mean to say that trustworthiness in what one accepts is successfully connected with truth in what one accepts in the particular case? It cannot mean, as we have noted in the case of Goodsumer, that being trustworthy in what one accepts is generally or reliably successful.

Truetemp does not know, although he does fulfill the conditions for knowledge set down by noncoherentist reliabilism. However, the example does not serve Lehrer's purposes unless some other things are true as well. First, it must be the case that Mr. Truetemp does not know on the conditions for knowledge set down by Lehrer's coherentist theory. Otherwise, the Truetemp example will not distinguish noncoherentist reliabilism from coherentist reliabilism. Furthermore, it cannot be the case that Lehrer's theory is overly restrictive, so that it turns out that, on his view, there is no knowledge even in ordinary cases of perception.

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