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By Elizabeth Boase

It has lengthy been famous that the "Book of Lamentations" stocks, a minimum of partially, a theological outlook with the prophetic literature that the destruction of Jerusalem used to be the results of Yahweh's decisive motion opposed to the sins of the country. Too frequently, notwithstanding, this dating has easily been presupposed, or assumed to be a courting of shared point of view. up to now, there was no systematic exploration of the way it truly is that Lamentations accepts and/or modifies the theological outlook of the prophetic literature. moreover, while the theology of the prophets has been mentioned with regards to "Lamentations", there was a bent to crew all of the prophetic books jointly as though they existed as a homogeneous entire, and shared among themselves a novel outlook. This tendency to simplify the theological complexity of the prophetic literature coincides with an analogous tendency to lessen the theology of "Lamentations" to uncomplicated, monotheistic assertions. Drawing at the literary insights of Mikhail Bakhtin, this examine explores intimately the character of the connection among "Lamentations" and the pre-exilic/exilic prophetic literature. Drawing at the notions of dialogism, polyphony and double-voicing, the research argues that "Lamentations" enters right into a dialogic courting with prophetic literature, a dating that either affirms and subverts that literature. significant to the acknowledgement of the dialogic interplay among Lamentations and the prophetic literature is the popularity of "Lamentations" as a multivalent, polyphonic textual content during which unmerged viewpoints exist in a tension-filled courting.

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2,3 and 4, suggesting an alternate alphabetic order. 192. Westermann (Lamentations, 98-100) argues that the acrostic form is a secondary artifice, added to the texts for aesthetic purposes when they were written down. Arguing against Westermann, Renkema (Lamentations, 40-47), by way of example, argues that the acrostic form was original to the initial composition of the poems. Although not concerning the internal structure of the poems, Renkema, in his article "The Meaning of the Parallel Acrostics in Lamentations," KF45 (1995): 379-82, argues that the acrostic form marks a correspondence (what Renkema calls "song responsions") between the identical letter strophes of the parallel poems.

Introduction 27 directed towards another's speech—that is what makes them double-voiced. 2. The Application ofBakhtin to Biblical Studies Bakhtin's theories have only been applied to biblical studies since the early 1990s. In an article which explores the potential of Bakhtin's notions of dialogic truth in relation to biblical theology, Newsom argues that the assumption of a monologic sense of truth is problematic for biblical studies as the Bible itself is not inherently monologic. Newsom states that critical biblical scholarship was founded on the perception that the bible was not monologic.

When it has accomplished its work, it forces an awareness of the constancy of death on its readers as well. Texts of survival, at least to those who have survived, reach out beyond themselves. Survivors speak and write and fix the memory of death not just as a monument to those who died or as a record of events ensuring that the world never forgets, as important as these are for the literature. 114 Linafelt opens his discussion of Lamentations with a critique of previous research which has valued the voice of the male figure in ch.

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